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Do you ever take a day off and do nothing? Everyone needs to recharge every once in awhile. Here was my "wasted day". Early this morning I tossed my aluminum lounge chair in the trunk and headed for the Gulf. First stop was Indian Rocks Beach. I spent about an hour with my metal detector in the the low tide surf. Very peaceful walking along listening to the waves and watching all the sea birds. (The metal detector is about my only hobby.) The net result was about two dollars in change, a couple of cheap rings and three even cheaper chains. One decent bracelet which I gave to the neighbor's 8 year old. Next I got out my chair and sat by the high tide water mark and reread Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Fairly easy reading, about 3 hours. Very good book on fundamentals. At noon I met a couple for lunch and bought a reasonable mobile home lot for $750 in Riverview, Florida. I had a deed prepared in advance because I was pretty sure I could make a deal. The Hotel supplied the notary. After lunch I called my office helper to meet me at the first exit on the Tampa side of the bay. Handed off the deed so she could get to the courthouse with it. Then I went to another beach community, Madeira Beach. An hour of metal detecting came up with another $3 in change and one heavy 14k class ring, Univ Of Kentucky, class of '99. (My personal rule is if I am able to locate the rightful owner then I'm obligated to do so. If I'm not able to ID the owner then its mine to keep (melt). I have my own little melting furnace. Then I sat by the water and read "The Millionaire Next Door". I'm not sure if I had ever read it before but someone in here suggested it in a thread and I got a like new copy from Amazon for $2. The tables and figures are dated but the basic information is there and I would recommend it to everyone. Dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, a great sunset at the beach and back to the office. I have extensive locator software adjunct to one of my businesses and it didn't take long to track the initials on the inside of the ring to a guy in Richmond Va. Talked to his wife on the phone. She was astonished I'd found a ring lost for two years at the beach. I promised to mail it off this week. I refused her offer of a reward because its just plain bad karma, told her to donate to a local charity and was promised it would be done. Back home by 7:00 PM and listened to a webinar. I don't attend many anymore.
.My point to all of this. Even a wasted day can be productive. You don't have to keep your nose glued to a computer all day to accomplish things and move forward. I have had more good ideas sitting in my beat up old lounge chair by the surf than I have ever had cooped up in an office.

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    Is the first sentence there mean to be a question?
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      Originally Posted by kasbod View Post

      so wasted day its not just sleep and doing nothing ?
      My point was, I had a very relaxing and fun day and still it was productive. There is no easy button around here but not everything is work, work, work.
      When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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    I would say that you got productive skill and even your one day at beach can be huge productive.

    Who knows such lazy day can bring the great idea ...

    And yes like your signature ... so true.
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    Thomas,sounds like a fu day.What type of metal detector do you have? I would love to get a decent one.

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    I definitely feel that taking a day to recharge can be very beneficial! This applies to all aspects of my life - as an employee, as a wife, and as a mom.

    After a break, I return to my job (or family) rejuvenated, energized, and more focused. And, as you mentioned, sometimes the best ideas come when you are relaxed and not engrossed in work.
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      Where was the waste? You acquired property (the lot) - had fun with your hobby (metal detector) - made someone very happy (the ring) - were generous (the bracelet) and enjoyed nature, too.

      Sounds like a perfect day to me.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    Sounds like a perfect day, Thos.

    I did "nothing" yesterday, too - went out to Mason Pass and found Ludwig (ghost town), and rummaged through the mine dumps. Got some gorgeous stuff - not valuable but definitely great yard decor and conversation pieces. A few might be lapidary worthy.

    It was a great day in sunshine warm enough to take my coat off, got my Vit D fix and the dog had a great romp.

    Not as productive as your day, but a great break from having too much to do all the time.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
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    Every Sunday is a "wasted" day for me. I'm too young to just be worrying about school/work so I make sure that at least one day a week I do whatever the heck I want. You're only young once; and I intend to make the most of it.
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    Kim. I have a Garret 350. Its sort of the high end of average. I got it on Craigslist. Its not for salt water so I have to keep it out of the surf. Has a 10" loop so it goes a bit deeper than most. I don't get over there nearly as much as I'd like. I sold 2 ounces of gold when it hit $1800. Have about 4 ounces left. (All of that was about 5 years worth. I have also managed to return several class rings. I love doing that.)

    Sal, I guess if I had your interests and was out where you are I might pick up a detector and prospect the desert for meteorites. Collectors pay good money for even little chips of only a few grams.

    Joe, nothing wrong with being young BUT its time you begin to develop the mindset of a business man. If you start to see the world as one big opportunity you can train the entrepreneur in you. I've met a lot of successful people and the only real difference between them and their employees is MINDSET. You can reduce "Rich Dad Poor Dad" to a single page of notes like I did. I'd advise anyone, especially someone your age, to read at least one book on business or self development EVERY WEEK. The rest of it will follow. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

    When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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    Very nice indeed all around.

    I don't give myself near enough days like that one. My last one, however, was last week. The company I used to work for and left 4 years ago still calls me to contract and consult from time to time. And I remain friends with the guys still. They called me last week to invite me down to their annual Christmas lunch. Had a nice afternoon munching on some real good food and good conversation with my former coworkers.

    At one point, I sat with my former boss and he asked me to consult on 2 projects they have going on, installing some production equipment. I walked out with a $30,000 purchase order for the first project. The second one starts after the new year and will be larger.

    Just think if I'd decided to turn down the invite and simply sleep the day away (which I have not done in MANY years).

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