$1,000,000 From A $5 Product

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I had to hunt for this but a guy I never heard of, Louis C.K., who admits he doesn't know much about the internet, nothing whatever about marketing and has never sold anything on the net has somebody build him a small site (very nice looking) https://buy.louisck.net/ and sells 220,000 copies of his one man comedy show @ $5 in a week. How did he even get that much traffic there in such a short period of time? He'd have had to had a million people there with a 22% conversion rate just to do that. I busted my butt all year, put in about 1500 hours and it doesn't look like I'm going to hit six figures (gross) from my net efforts. Another name we all know, Joel Comm sold a 99¢ fart app at the iStore A MILLION FREAKIN' TIMES. I hate to whine but are all of us just one (good?) idea away from the big dollars?


EDIT: No, I'm not an affiliate. I don't see any evidence that he even has affiliates.
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    I think a lot has to do with marketing and platforms available to these people.

    Louis C.K. goes on the Tonight Show and mentions his website and bam... hits.

    Joel Comm is one of those early internet pioneering legends. When he speaks millions listen, especially because he uses social media to the max.

    Have you ever watched the TV show Shark Tank? People come on with all kinds of really great ideas. And the road from idea to market requires huge passion and eventually money.

    So yeah, we all may be one idea away from the million but once we get the idea, we need to know what to do with it because we are mere mortals and not celebrities with an existing platform.
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    Well I agree with LeeLee but I also think that you need a lot of luck for such things!
    I mean come on...Joel Comm sold a 99¢ fart app at the iStore and is now a millionare! For me you need luck to achive something!
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    I don't believe it is all luck, you don't know what these people did to get where they are, maybe they looked at life and said yes to opportunities when they arose. I landed a sweet job a few years ago which came about after I won a competition, people kept saying I was lucky but I don't believe it was just that - I saw the opportunities and worked hard too!

    I think you need more than a good idea - that's where it starts. Then you need to network, you can get a lot further in life with a good support group of people.
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    There are always reasons for instant success, and it usually has to do with a lot of preparation and groundwork running headlong into opportunity. That opporutunity, however, can be manufactured or naturally occurring.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Also the fact he already has a brand...and a rabid fan base.

    As someone stated above he mentions it on a radio or tv show, could be many, many hits.

    I watched Charlie Sheen's Twitter literally go up by the second...because he already has a name.
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    Dennis, I agree completely. I spent ten really hard years trying to make money in the stock market. One day I was looking at my charts and one pattern was so obvious to me I thought I was doing something wrong. I kept wondering why everyone wasn't seeing what I was seeing. (That was way before software.) Eight days later I made a $4,200 profit. After that I could see opportunities everywhere. What was different? Who knows exactly. Had I read just the right book, studied the right combination of indicators, done so many marginal and losing trades I knew what didn't work? That first big hit made me as a trader. It gave me such confidence I never considered quitting again.

    When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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    They are just lucky and good with people. They probably negociated deals with other companies and people to create and market their products. They are also unique. Who had ever heard of a farting app before then? People brought it to see what it was. As it was less than a buck, who wouldn't just to find out what it is. If you set a low price point, have a unique selling point and get enough people to see it, you can make lots of money.

    For more of my knowledge, go to my blog at MatthewWellington.co.uk

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    If he had good content, and a targeted source of traffic then this is all possible. Sell what people want. It's basic internet marketing. He should charge $10, and double his profits. Cheers to Louis C.K.
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    I wasn't complaining about their success.. My hat is off to both of them. Louis C.K. was a guest on Jimmie Fallon late at night. I've never seen that show but apparently that started the viral avalanche. It wasn't all profit either. The production costs ran about $250,000. That's 25% of the gross. It seems to me he's got a pat hand for a follow up DVD of some kind. His brand is well established now.

    When you hear someone telling you what YOU can't do, they are usually talking about what THEY can't do.
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    I read about this last week, a few days after he launched. He had 50,000 sales in just 12 hours, but then he does have 850K twitter followers!

    He made the $1M before appearing on Jimmy Fallon so he's probably made 2M by now!

    You can read more about it here.

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