Thoughts on End of World: 2012

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what are your thoughts on it? do you think it's crap or possibly legit?

way i see it, if the mayans were able to see the end of days, how come they didn't see the spaniards invasion and subsequent takeover of Mayan colonies?

unless it was just one or mayans who were able to foretell the future, but never monetioned anything about Mayan end to any of the fellow tribesmen. in that case, they must've been jerks.

that said, i will get increasingly nervous until Dec 21st passes without incident. then i'll party!
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    WOW, hasn't this one been (ahem) done to DEATH!?!?!?!? If the mayans saw the end of the world, why didn't they say so? Since they didn't say so, why do so many say they DID?

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    same bull****, different package.
    Honest, No-BS Reviews Of WSOs...
    I test products... before I give my final review.
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      According to astronomers, the date will pass without any related event.

      But, watch out for 2038: How to Survive A Collision With An Asteroid
      “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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    it can't be real, why? because Marty McFly was able to travel to

    happy new year guys!


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