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I never knew that Amazon didn`t let you pay with paypal... I always thought that I would be able to buy stuff from amazon with my paypal account.. Turns out when I was so close to buying what I wanted it didn`t support that feature.

I guess I have learned my lesson and that is to "Look into everything before you do and never assume things"

So I guess my advice about this all is to do some common research before you "Jump in" even though jumping in is always recommened!
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    Get a paypal debit card, and you will be set.

    You will have to attach your bank account or a credit card to paypal in order to qualify for their debit card, but once you have done that, you will be good to go.

    I have bought many things from Amazon using my paypal debit card.
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    Great lesson. Better to learn it early on than later. I myself being 13 hate things that make you pay with paypal and prefer using my debit card.
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      Ebay owns Paypal. Amazon has it's own line of credit - along with shiny credit cards that you never get, yet the number works quite well on ordering form the Amazon site... I should know.
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    Well this is news for me. I could've sworn we were able to pay with paypal...not sure why I thought that. Also not anyone can get the paypal debit card. I'm not sure how much you need to make, but there is a certain amount that you need to be making with paypal until they approve you for the debit card. But once they do, it's pretty awesome.
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      Originally Posted by Professional20 View Post

      but there is a certain amount that you need to be making with paypal until they approve you for the debit card.
      I don't believe that is true, it's been a few years since I got my first one but the only requirement was to have a PayPal account that is in good standing and have it linked to a bank account and a secondary funding source.

      I also believe they are only available to US customers.

      I would look further into it if I were you.

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    AWeber doesn't take PayPal either, but just do as Bill suggests - use your PayPal debt card.

    I use it for almost everything I purchase or subscribe to online, so in effect I pay for everything with PayPal.

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    Thats tough and the lesson i think came unexpectedly but you have taught me to be coscious and keen next time ando purchases and when i make deals.
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    Just use a real bank debit, paypal is not a good company, less I have to use them, the better, they already have monopoly on ebay obviously, which is annoying.
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    I guess I need to sign up and research this topic a little more! I want to be able to use Amazon due to the fact that I am most comfortable buying from Amazon. I love Amazons services and everthing else. I also love using paypal but I don`t feel that comfortable using ebay sometimes.
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    Rules and support changes! HECK, money used to be usable EVERYWHERE INCLUDING at least two places where, when I needed to pay, they did NOT accept CASH!!!! So ALWAYS check, EVEN if you "know" the answer!

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      they already have monopoly on ebay obviously, which is annoying.
      Gee - ya think that's because ebay OWNS paypal?

      I've spent four figures with Amazon in the past two months - used my paypal debit, direct bank transfer and a prepaid visa debit card. They all worked just fine.

      It's funny that people complain so much about paypal - and then complain when they can't use it, too
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    Good for me to know that Ebay owns Paypal. Yes, linking your debit/credit card to your Paypal account is very much important so you can purchase items in Amazon..
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