Do you like Google Plus?

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Hello there,
Google plus is a social media site powered by google and it is very effective for SMO.
Do you like google plus? I like it very much.
What you think about it?
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    Yes, google+ is good but not more than facebook.
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  • not actually..
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        It kinda scares me a little...not so sure if I want my google profile showing up all over the web..But then again, it will bring exposure to my website too. Need to check into it more!
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          Well, personally I quite like it, but as said before, they were a little late in getting into this scene.
          I think it is good if you want more exposure to your website(s) but I am not so sure if they can rival FB, it would surprise me, but hey who knows
          I am surprised though that I can not find that many services who offers Google +1 solutions/apps etc....
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    Yes, google+ is good but not more than twitter
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    I just joined Google+ an yet to see all it can do.

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    yes it is a nice social networking for advertising the business
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    i tried it and didn't like it at all they should make some enhancements, the facebook is much better in the idea and concept and google plus isn't that attractive
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    Google+ looks much more complicated than Facebook. It seems to be a "duplicate" of Facebook. I'm using 2 of them, but I can't find a good reason, no real benefits to switch to Google+ completely. My favorite is still FAcebook.
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    I like google plus because it is much simpler than the others.
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    I'm not very impressed with Google+ yet. I has some good features like the circles concept and the multi-video chat. However it is still lacking a lot of aspects that make it stand out from other social networks currently available.

    I think it has potential and we'll be seeing it continue to grow throughout the years. However at this time I think it is substandard compared to other social networks available.
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    I've been a member for a number of months and I still don't like it much. It makes you share too much with too many people and the problem is, you don't really know how far and wide your info gets shared. Sure, you control which circles you join and who you add to your circles, but once they begin sharing with other people, how do you know who sees everything about you?

    (That's just my rant about G+ . . . but I am not on Facebook, either.)


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    Google plus is an good social networking site
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    Not exactly but i like facebook.
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    Yes, i like this site very much, Google+ is one of the best social networking site shared by Google, the popularity of this website is increasing day to day.
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    No i won't and i never use it.
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    I like Facebook more than Google+. I don't mind using or switching to G+ but most of my friends are still on Facebook, so I am waiting.
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    Similar to the Facebook "Like" feature, they need to put more work into server-sided analysis, as implementing SMO buttons into websites seems to typically affect page loading times rather drastically.
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    Social marketing in Google+ is made easy with their Circles feature. Overall though, Facebook is still the best.
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    Its good to use but not yet activated in my personal account.
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      yes i like it Google + is more advanced and more features.its have good animation face book have no animation, second is the its Google product its can't be easily hack.
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    Google Plus is just an another awesome new concept launched by Internet Giant GOOGLE and it introduces the new concept of circles which i really likied, only the problem is that it is really slow than facebook.
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  • I have not really gotten into it, I have had a play around on my personal profile, Is it good for businesses?
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    Personally, I don't because of the fact that it is not as popular as Facebook or anything. I prefer Facebook or twitter for social networking uses.
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    Personally I am still evaluating google+. I read somewhere that if you post the goople+ like button on your website that it could help your google ranking or speed up the the process of getting your site un-slapped. But don't quote me on that for this is something I heard but I have no verification that this a fact.
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    Google plus is pretty much like facebook and trying to get popular more than facebook. As it is good for smo we should use it that way.
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    Most users of Google +1, are unsure of what they have their hands on. It is a great way to expose your business to more people. The most important part is that Google likes it.
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  • Its simple and it doesent have this complex facebook "TIMELINE" thing going on. Google has always been a king at simplicity thats why i like google+
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    I like Google plus, its can increase google rangkings. when people search relating keyword your site in google, you will be rangked higher and i have tried it, my site got good rangked on SERP
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    I haven't try it but thanks for info about google plus!
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