Almost lost all my data, how to prevent this?

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Here's the situation. I have ~16 huge Excel spreadsheets, ~10 Word documents and a few text files that are very important for my work (not IM-related). These are not static, data is changed on a regular basis.

I recently had a hard drive crash, and if I hadn't emailed all these files to myself the night before, I would have lost the data.
Now, my hard drive was full of movies, pictures, music, etc., most of which was not practical to back up. Here's the question: how do I write a batch file or create an automated process that would back up only the important files? Oh, since these spreadsheets and documents are on different topics, they are in different folders.
I am thinking some sort of batch file that would zip up these important files every night and upload it to a server where my sites are hosted? But I don't know how to do this, or perhaps there's an easier way?
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    Have you looked at a service like carbonite?
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    Invest in a good external hard drive. Remember to back up all your files at least daily.
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    Well, with UNIX, you can link to the files in another directory, and use it to facilitate backup with ONE TAR statement! In ANY OS, you can separate the files via disk, or directory, and backup accordingly.
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    I'd recommend dropbox. This is a cloud based virtual drive that sits across a number of machines, smartphones and gadgets. It will update files online as you edit them and keep a copy of the previous version for 24 hours (longer on the paid version). It automatically syncs between all your devices.

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    I go with the external hard drive and a copy of Storagecraft ShadowProtect Desktop.
    Twice now in the past 6 months it has saved me from hard drive failures.
    Well,One was a HD failure(the drive was build in 2004 and failed this week, the other instance was I bought a very poorly designed WSO WP Plugin that when it was ran it deleted the majority of my files on my disk. While that time I did lose some data, it was only because I had been lazy and hadn't used the backup in a couple of months,but its better to lose a month or so than years worth.
    This is NOT an affiliate link,I don't think they even have a program,but I know this program works,
    Windows backup, disaster recovery and drive image software

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    hard drives can fail in ways that no software can fix, and recovery of these issues is rather costly ($1000+). Use google docs/dropbox for online backup of important docs. external hard drive (just not WD passport/mybook) for manual backup.
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