Can someone help me with 1 Excel problem?

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I have a bunch of usernames + password + emails and all they are in notepad. But i need to put them in to excel and to 4 separate columns.

How do i do that?

Example :

bilbreycldcortn3KCc2xV0J:CarityzoxaMobuhley@hotm ail.com4KCc2xV0J dearialbina:UxWfFZpJbwancoaMsierhiriweather@hotm mortensonlymher:Y3RD53S3:TwilecaCutwersuight@hotma
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    Are they separated by a space? If they are open the notepad in excel and it would open up another export window... use the delimited option and specify the delimiter as space... this might not work as expected if names have space...

    You can also try the fixed width option...

    Let me know if it helps...
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    haha these colons turn in to smiley faces, but you got the idea
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    separated by colon, and i need that colon at the end of every name
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    would it be possible to share a sample... and ill try to get it done in an excel for you...

    I dont need the complete list... just send me a rows as sample and i can see whats needed and guide you better.
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    ok i got it all separated but the colon was deleted. how can i add the colon at the end of each name?
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    =concatenate(A3," : " )
    Type this without the space in an empty cell, A3 here refers to your email address cell reference.
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    Just saw your example, you might have a loooooong row instead of multiple rows.... if that is the case... follow the steps to have a better excel..

    Select the complete row of records... Click on the row number to do it.
    Once selected copy it (Ctrl -c)

    Now go to the first cell in the next row and right click... from the options select paste special..

    from the pop up box select transpose...

    now you would have a neat column alternating with your values...

    All that you need to do now is to enter the formula in the post above adjacent to the first cell and then double click the drag handle (lower rightcorner of the cell) and it would fill in the formula for all rows...

    then you can choose to filter and use only the email ids as per your need.

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    thank you! got it done
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