Google Update 3rd April 2012

by jfu
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Hi All, hope all is well!
This is my first thread

Need your opinion...

One of my clients ranked #1 & #2 for years on
and as of 3rd April 2012... their main site disappeared...only inside pages remain... They are losing $3000 in sales per day... they showed me the previous daily sales figures.

Please help!

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    Panda Update Perhaps?
    Vaoser Link Ninja Software
    DHV Delivery Systems FAILING at online dating???
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    Why don't you or they just contact Google? Goodluck.
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    may be your site is effected by google panda. check your webmaster, you'll find all the errors and warnings if there are any...
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    Tg, mnichs23.. I believe they did get hit my Panda3.4 however, but have done more research into this and noticed that the clients has a identical page another identical page as per the home page... maybe slapped for duplicate content...but they did not slap the page...they slapped the whole site.

    emrom.. contact Google I have tried that before without any success

    I have not even Nuked the site yet... By the way, I have been reading that SEnukex is getting some bad feedback...that the links are being removed...have you found this to be true?
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    Ive been hit as well on a couple of my sites, but some of the kw's that were dropped are coming back.

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    It may be depend on Google panda updates or its unguessed algorithm. You can checked you web master tool for warnings and errors, and update fresh content first in website and its inner web pages.
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