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Hey everyone,

I thought for my 1st post, it would be a good idea to intro myself to everyone instead of just jumping into other people's threads right away.

I'm new to WarriorForum however I've been making a living online since 2004.

2004 - 2007: Ran a private mailer network promoting mortgage refinance leads. That worked well until the market crashed obviously. I was providing exclusive email leads to a handful of mortgage brokers in FL and CA mainly. It was a good experience to manage mailer affiliates and of course dealing with "advertisers" which at the time were mortgage brokers.

2007 - 2008: Got into media buying, started with FB and Google getting traffic to LoveCrush calculators (mobile) and IQ Quizes (mobile). This also worked very well until both FB and GOOG slapped a bunch of us affiliates and the fun was over before we knew it. That run lasted for a good 12-16 months.

2009-2010: Promoted **** and COLON CLEANSE free trial rebills. That was probably the 2 years I enjoyed the least. Don't get me wrong, being profitable as an affiliate in those 2 years was almost a joke, for anyone that knew how to run traffic it was almost impossible not to make a nice profit. Reason I enjoyed these 2 years the least is because many of us dealt with a lot of "dirty advertisers", liars, certain individuals I won't name here were actually billing their clientele BEFORE the 14 day trial was over therefore not giving a legitimate chance to the clientele to cancel and not get rebilled. Most of you know what I am talking about and what happened during those 2 years. Anyways I got out of that BS before many got a nice letter from the FTC.

2010- Present: Probably the most stable online business I've been in since my very 1st profitable day in 2004: Monetizing international traffic with good offers (email submits among others). Since the beginning I've always tried to "follow the wave". Basically in each of those years I located and targeted a niche and solely focused on that niche until profit was generated. At that point I focused on scaling the volume without dropping the profit margins. I truly believe the international niche is booming right now, very very "un-exploited" many people actually have BIG intl traffic and don't really know how to monetize it. I truly believe that will change very soon and people will figure out ways to make money on this. A lot of translation is needed but it's worth the effort.

In a nutshell that's what I've been working on. I decided to join a board and join some discussions, make new friends, etc. I actually looked at a few boards and decided to join this one out of every other one I've seen. Why ? Funny enough in other boards/forums, people that barely have 2 years experience enjoy "dissin" new comers "newbies". I find that hilarious because most likely those exact people make 0 money online and waste time "dissin" "newbies" 24/7. We were all new to this at some point, many forget that I guess Seems the best collaboration is happening on this board.

Cheers everyone, thanks for reading,

- Don
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