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Hello Guys

Is it proper to use the same ID in a different forums?

I need the Advantages and disadvantages
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    There is no adv. and disadv. to use same user id in different forums.
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    Not true at all, if you are actively contributing posts of value it builds credibility.

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    I don't think so. Different id and password is safe but
    same id and password is ease to use.
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    Using the same ID has nothing to do with using the same password.

    I use the same name everywhere on the net unless I am on a paid assignment that requires anonymity. It allows people to get to know who I am and to see my principles are the always the same. I don't switch roles and go against what I think anywhere just to make a buck. Good branding.

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    It's a positive thing to use the same id in different forums. I have one in a health niche on a few forums, and see others in the niche posting on a few forums with the same name.

    You know who they are, and some of us happen to like typing to each other.

    After my experience here with this user name, I only pick ones that are short, simple, and I can figure out how to pronounce. No one has to learn a foreign language to read it.

    Really don't like the password type of username, jfx237 or something like that. It isn't very memorable.

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