How about those Heat?

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All I can say is wow! After watching today's Heat game, I am a bit afraid for them. Not to discredit the Pacers because they have a really good team, and all, but if they are giving the Heat this much trouble, what will happen IF they make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. The 2nd half was basically 3(Wade,James,Haslem) on 5. They are not going to win if they keep playing this way. They need more bench production, and I feel as though Wade was playing very lackadaisically in that first half. If you guys saw, he was barely running up, and down the court, and settling for mediocre shots. They need to step it up, or they will be in for a rude awakening because those teams in the west are no joke. What's your guy's take on their performance, and where do you see there future heading towards?
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    I'm not cheering for Heat but I think they have a chance at winning.
    I think Spurs is going to win it all though, even though my team
    is the Clippers but I don't think they will win.
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    Yeah, the Spurs are playing phenomenally this post season. I think their only opposition in the west might be the Thunder, but they have the experience, talent, and depth to handle them. It is a shame what is happening to the Clippers though. I'm a big Chris Paul fan, and I would really want to see him get that ring, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen this year, but hey you never know.

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