What is your Favorite Tv Program ?

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Hi every one.
What is your favorite Favorite Tv Program.
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    I have two favorites:

    Big Bang Theory


    Swamp People

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    The Amazing Race Asia, Roadies and Splitsvilla (MTV) are my most favorite.
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    The Simpsons

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      American Idol is my favorite tv programme
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    I like "friends" sitcom which was very good. If i get time i usually watch this program.
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        i dont watch TV much, but i like to watch CSI and supernatural.
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          My most favorite TV program is Man Vs. Wild and Killer Bites. These are really interesting source to see the wild nature. I really love this type of programs so much. They are truly fantastic!
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            Ghost hunters...I like program.

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              my favorite tv show is Family guy and Fear Factor..
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    My favorite show shifts on the time of year. Fall=Dexter, Springs=Game of Thrones, Summer=Big Brother Winter=No idea.
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    Doctor Who

    The wife and I were very excited when it came back on in 05.

    <pause while I check to see if the air date is set for this season>


    Runner's Up: Stargate SG1, X-Files, Star Trek: TNG, Ghost in the Shell: SAC

    Also a tidbit for posterity: If my wife likes it, that's bad news for the show. Examples: Terra Nova, Trauma, Missing, Dresden Files, Unforgettable, Alcatraz, The Finder, Brothers & Sisters, V, Human Target, Lie to Me, Dollhouse, Eastwick, Legend of the Seeker, Off the Map... (the list goes on and on)

    Edit: Perhaps I should set up a little blog for her. She's pretty good at picking them

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    Just finished Sherlock Season1+2, I found it quite entertaining; Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant in it.
    Also Battlestar Galactica, Top Gear (UK), Nikita and Game of Thrones.
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hands down.
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    Big Bang Theory and NCIS

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    NCIS,CSI new york,CSI miami,CSI,NCIS los angeles......list goes on
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  • Profile picture of the author JustinDupre
    The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy
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  • IT crowd & big bang theory..BAZINGA !!
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    Hello! My favorite TV programs are The Amazing Race, Scandal and Revenge.
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    Adalat a weekly drama on sony t.v. is my favorite t.v. show.
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    • I have been watching American Ninja Warrior - and while I am glad NBC did not have a chance to screw it up and change it too much - they do not pay homage to the original "Sasuke" from Japan, other than call their final "Mt. Midoriyama" (which is actually just a very large back lot) which makes no real sense, when they recreated course is in Las Vegas...

      The Japanese show has been going on for a long time, and it is very compelling to watch, but I don't think only but one American has ever come close to winning it completely...the training regimen and camaraderie of the contestants is what they feel important. I don't even think they get a cash prize in Japan - only the honor of winning - which is held in very high regard.

      If you get G4, watch both shows and compare - see what you think.
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    True Blood
    Game of Thrones
    and then one network show = Big Bang Theory
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    I got a 10 year old and a 6 year old! I'm going with SpongeBob Squarepants!!! - it's not my favorite but I put the kids first! They'd be upset if I didn't throw a shout-out for Mr. Pants!

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    All time, i'm going with Lost and what I feel was one of the most underrated shows Friday Night Lights. Currently I am going with Game of Thrones and Mad Men


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    I used to enjoy 2 and a Half Men, until Charlie Sheen left
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    My Favourite TV Shows are :-
    Grey's Anatomy
    Blue Bloods
    Family Guy
    Modern Family
    Game of Thrones
    How I Met Your Mother
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      Vampire Diaries, I am a big fan but unfortunately hey are currently on break. Cake Boss, anything about cake making .. and a lot more..
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    Mine would be The Simpsons and Family Guy..
    Wish there would be a movie where they could meet up..
    It would be pretty awesome..!
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    I dont watch tv very often, but when i do and see simpsons or friends or that 70's show on i never say no.
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    Apart from the Roadies, I don't ever think to miss MTV's Splitsvilla. It is just what a simple mind blowing and super entertaining reality show. I prefer it across all other shows and serials.
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    two tv shows i like very much

    family guy
    big brother
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      The Legend of Korra. Yeah I still watch cartoons

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    Star Trek(in all forms); Doctor Who(in all forms); Out Numbered(English sitcom);Aircrsh Investigation; Episodes; Curb your Enthusiasm,and many more.

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    talk show is my favorite tv programme...
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    Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, The Killing, Breaking Bad and That 70's Show
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  • Profile picture of the author bailbondsguys
    Special Ops Missions
    Through the Wormhole
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Trailer Park Boys
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    Walking dead and CID would be my all time fav shows !
    Mobiles and Technology !!!!!!
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    Game of thrones is one of my favorite show.
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    Bing bang theory of course
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  • Big Bang theory and Game of Throns.
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  • Profile picture of the author lisakynan
    Outrageous Fortune
    Shortland Street

    I don't ACTUALLY watch that much TV but these shows I love
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    Mine favorite TV Program is True Blood and American Idol I love to watch...
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  • Profile picture of the author Brian Tayler
    Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, and Game of Thrones. (Law and Order sometimes)
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    I only watch American Idol rest i leave it to movies !
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    everything from Crime and Investigation Network
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