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My eMachine T-3265 desktop crashed a few months back, so I went and bought a new HP desktop. But I want to revive the eMachine & for that I bought a new 120 GB HDD for only $16.99 at Newegg. Questions: 1) After installing it in, do I need to format the new HDD first and if so, how do I do it? (2) Can I use the eM recovery disks on the new HDD since everything else is still the same. eMach has discontinued my model so no use asking them anyway. (3) If this is not an option, can I download Linux off on a flash drive and install it in the new HDD (4)If all else fails can I install the new HDD in my new HP as a slave drive? if so, how. I have a little bit of experience in installing memory, CD drive but this is going to be the hardest one for me, so any help I can get will be deeply appreciated. Thanks
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    You should be able to use the recovery disks without having to format the drive first, the recovery program will most likely format it in the process, or ask if you want to format it. If so, choose yes and if it gives you the options, format it using the NTFS option , not the NTFS quick format.


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    It depends, some recovery programs will require the new HD to be the same size as the old ( not always though).
    If you got a 120gig HD from Newegg I am going to guess (but hope not) that it is refurbed?
    The last 3 refurbs I got,none of them worked and it ended up costing more returning than if I had gone locally and bought off the shelf.

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    Last I knew, they DID require you to format it. The command in msdos should be:


    Replace c: with the volume you want to format.

    I think you SHOULD be able to use the emachine recovery disks. They make a lot of machines, and the disks are probably standard wth their addons. If the disk TYPE is not the same, or the structure is not supported in the BIOS, you might not be able to use the recovery disks. USUALLY if the structure isn't supported, you CAN pretend it is a smaller structure and get it to work, but with less space.

    If you have the connection for a slave drive, you CAN use this as a slave drive, on most standards. Some cheaper systems used to have one port and use the slave for the CD, for example.

    Check the drive and possibly the system for info on bios/drive/HBA settings. Otherwise, it is the same as setting a main drive.

    And YEAH, you CAN setup Linux. They have MAIN system, DUAL BOOT, and VIRTUAL systems that can ALL be free although the virtual often has a modest, about $100-$150 charge. For the virtual, you COULD have a friend(that HAS paid the fee) create a compatible volume, and use the free player! I am talking about VMWARE there. Whatever way you go, it is relatively simple.

    BTW kim is right. <$17!?!?!?!?!? Those things cost a FORTUNE to store/sell. HEAVY! BIG! FRAGILE! $17 can't leave any room for profit really, so you have to doubt it is REALLY a refurb. If it is new, WHY didn't they create a little starter system, and put it in there and sell it? They could sell it in a HEART BEAT! Older people, some real low income people, and some hobbyists would buy it in a HEARTBEAT, and they could maybe squeeze $100 profit out of it!

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