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The Justice Department spent millions of dollars trying to get a verdict against Roger Clemens.

It also used taxpayer dollars to prosecute John Edwards.

While the US economy is at the worst level since the Great Depression (yes, I said it, the "D" word, not the "R" word), spending millions of dollars going after these two guys is a waste of our money.

I remember watching Congressional hearings during the housing crisis where there was no doubt top CEOs were openly lying to Congress. Guess it's okay to lie in front of Congress if you're a bankster.

Commentary: A better use for tax dollars than trial of John Edwards | McClatchy
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    In the past few years my eyes have been opened to what a corrupt system we are in.
    As it is,the government no longer tries to hide the fact they have been bought by the corporations.
    They bail out banks with money that isn't theirs and just a couple years later they are reporting record breaking profits,and at the same time let the bank illegally steal the home from hard working Americans.

    I also love the artificially created "gas crisis" we deal with almost annually.

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    Same here Kim. I had no idea how corrupt the system was until I started doing some consumer advocacy work for homeowners. The corruption started many years ago with appointments to the Secretary of Treasury being CEOs or high powered banking execs.

    It continued with the ridiculous passage of Citizens United.

    Thanks to the internet, it would be a futile attempt for the government to try and hide what is really going on behind closed doors.

    I remember reading a blog post about a meeting some popular bloggers had with members of the Treasury regarding the housing crisis. The bloggers were told "off the record" that the Making Home Affordable program was nothing more than another prop for the banks.

    Crazy, isn't it that the majority of Americans were against the bailout, yet and once again, the citizens' interests are not being represented.

    It's pretty disgusting to see record profits when there are so many people losing their homes. It wouldn't bother me so much if the foreclosures were happening legally. But in way too many cases, especially the states that do not require court involvement, the homes are being stolen.

    I also love the artificially created "gas crisis" we deal with almost annually.

    That's a head scratcher too. And it's getting old.
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    The saddest part is that Al Qaeda's goal in targetting the World Trade Centers was to cripple the financial systems for the western world. Although Osama Bin Laden has been killed both the American and European economies are in crisis currently.

    Although I do not know much about the details on the european economy crisis I know that a large portion of our crisis is due to the inability to pass competent legislation due to the party divides between democrats and republicans. Unfortunately our political system has degredated to essentially the same gang warfare that plagued Los Angeles in the 90's between the bloods and the crips. Both of our political parties are more concerned with who's red and who's blue to care about the actual state of affairs in the United States.
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    When you figure that our gov is jammed full of ex execs of corps such as Goldman Sachs and Monsanto, it shouldn't take a genius to figure out how our free country became a fascist empire.

    The two parties are only a diversion to keep us from seeing the continuum of the elite behind them. It won't matter who "wins" until we remove the elite class continuum. Once they are gone we can go back to constitutional law. Until then, you can figure you are making money to feed the corporate world. Gov, energy, banking, health, etc are almost sufficiently merged into one to guarantee that you will die broke and leave nothing to your family. It's all going to go to the coffers of the already rich. The "prosecutions" they are seeking now are showboat purposes only. They make people think something is being done about the corruption when nothing in actuality, is, other than ridding themselves of someone who was causing THEM a PITA.

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    I think you guys are missing the point here, something about Roger Clemens and steroids! This is important stuff people.
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    This was all a huge waste of Tax Dollars!!
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    I have mixed feelings about the Clemens and Bonds trials. On one hand, you don't want there to be no repercussions for lying to congress; on the other hand, we're talking about baseball for crying out loud. Even if he was found guilty, what purpose does it really serve, and is that purpose worth millions of public dollars? I don't think so.

    As for Edwards, I'd like to say you just can't let stuff like that go ... but it probably happens a LOT more than we know about. The difference is, he got caught.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    You should once Google search about "Prathiba patel" (who is a President of India)... and know about her expenses......
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