Have you ever heard of this guy?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this guy, or know anything about him at all?

Alvin Phang

I was just wondering because I received an email in my personal email address from him out of the blue asking me by my name, to be a jv partner with him. Strange indeed!

My practice is never doing jv's with anyone unless it is one of my very close friends whom I trust explicitly and especially not with complete strangers. I usually just mark these type of emails as spam and never give it a second thought.

This email has me intrigued though, not for doing a jv, I am just curious about this person whom I never heard of before let alone conversed with anywhere.

So, ever heard of him?

Thanks guys!

  • Alvin Phang???

    THE Alvin Phang?????

    nope - never heard of him...
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      Haha! Funny 3M.

      But thanks for answering.

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    Hey, I got an email from him too. Must be scraping the forum and creating a solicitation list.

    I just tried to find it but I must have deleted it. I can't remember which email address it came in on. I have a dozen+ and they are all forwarded to my personal email.
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    Nope, never heard of him.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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      Thanks guys!

      Please excuse me while I go and mark my email as spam.

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    I have been getting loads of such Emails lately. I wonder if its just one guy doing it over and over again!
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    Nope, But I'n interested in your JVs.....

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      Originally Posted by KimW View Post

      Nope, But I'n interested in your JVs.....
      What exactly would you like to know, my friend?

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    This is him on here, T . . .

    View Profile: gathersuccess
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      Thanks PJ, I never even dreamed he was a Warrior.

      I still am wondering how he got my personal email address though. :confused:

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    I got it, too, but I didn't think much of it. I get a lot of these. If he's spamming people with no history of JVs here, that's another deal entirely.

    Banned him for a month. If he doesn't cough up the 411 on where he got those addresses, he's likely to be banned for good.

    Member for 6 years, and he doesn't know better than that???

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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      I deleted the message but I think I got it too.

      What was the product he wanted to JV with?

      He opened by saying he noticed I was active on the Warrior forum.
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        Fin, I didn't open the email but the subject line said something to the effect of Terra, Personal Jv Invitation for, if I remember correctly, it was some sort of wordpress plugin.

        I just assumed that he wanted me to either write something about it or perhaps do a voice over for a video, or something to that effect because those are the two services I offer and have the most clients in. I also state that I am technologically challenged quite often and didn't think it would be in any type of a programming thing, lol.

        I could be completely wrong though, as I said, I never opened the email and it is long gone now.

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  • Profile picture of the author Sumit Menon
    Maybe he was smitten by your display pic, MTK.
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