Disaster Survival Tip

by Kurt
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Here's a quick disaster survival tip for something you may not have thought about...

First, you'll need a new and clean pump sprayer, like this one:
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You want a new one so it doesn't have any nasty chemicals left over.

Spray paint it black, so it will absorb the sun's infrared light and fill it with water and set it out in the sun for a few hours to heat the water. Now you have a portable hot shower.

Also, you can use it as a "bidet" to spray your private parts, in case you run out of toilet paper. Just don't heat up the water too much, you don't want to burn your bits.
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    Knew a friend that used to be a member (and for a short time apparently,aMod here) who put out a Distaster Kit report years ago. I can find his report still being sold/given away online but he seems to have vanished,
    Too bad, real nice and decent guy.

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      Never thought of that Kurt but very practical idea.

      I'd recommend testing the temp of the water on a finger tip before spraying it on your bits, LOL.
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