U.S. State Pandemic Flu Plans

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Knowing what will happen when it happens where you are will greatly diminish your fear of it happening, right? What does your government have in mind for you?

Here are the state-by-state pandemic flu plans for the U.S. in the event of an outbreak:

State Pandemic Plans
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    It took NY 406 pages to tell me to kiss my ass goodbye

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    WA seems to make sense - on the board anyhow. They don't however give any non-pharmaceutical info for avoiding becoming sick or treating when you are. Many doctors don't even know about ascorbic acid prevention yet as they aren't handed a lot of info that doesn't come from pharm research (and that is what the FDA has mostly as they fund the FDA) so it's pretty much in our own hands until the breakouts get fierce - then they just start isolation measures - close schools, cancel concerts and other large group activities, etc.

    Didn't read it all but what I did makes sense.

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    Didn't read it, but if there's a flu pandemic, I'm staying inside and never going out till it's over. If I'm not around anyone can't get it. Reminds me I need to make an emergency stockpile. I do have an emergency box of ramen noodles and about 10 emergency cans of green beans but thats about it. And some bottle water. I also need a generator in case the electricity goes out but I don't know how to work those things I'd probably blow up something.

    siggy taking a break...

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    Stock up on disposable masks. Flu is an airborne virus and we should do our best to limit the ways it can get into us. A respirator mask may not be a bad idea.

    Judging from FEMA's 'rapid' ( :rolleyes: ) response after Katrina, we can correctly assume our great government health agencies will be as lax at getting the word out about areas of the country that are hotbeds for the influenza virus. (The government may deliberately withhold information, hoping for massive population reduction.)

    Soon as you discover people in your area are going to the hospital for treatment of flu, best to immediately take major precautions, and even then it may be too late. If you have school-aged children, they may very well bring it home to you. (Home schooling is a good idea to prevent illness, as that's one more thing your children can't catch at public schools.)

    I believe those who will be most at risk of severe injury and death will be the very young and the aged. But the most severe strains are probably capable of killing the most healthy as well.
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    Star - sunscreen users and sun phobics will be the first down - Vitamin D3 deficiency is about the most deadly condition in a flu pandemic.

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