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Hi All

I need help on my car idling issues, its a bit old but I value this car a lot. The car is a 1999 honda accord and manual tranny. When I turn my aircon and headlights on the car is shaking, when you step off on the gas pedal the engine off.

I need help on this , I don't know how to fix this issue even my mechanic cannot fix the problem. I even bought a new computer box but still it does not solve the problem.

thanks in advance for your help and inputs.
  • What you describe sounds like it could be voltage related, (or timing) but maybe these will help a direction...

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    If it only happens when the lights are on, it is likely a voltage/timing/fuel-air issue. More likely voltage. The airconditioner will put a strain on your engine, so it requires more power than it would otherwise. Knocking the idle up by say 100-200rpm would likely fix the problem. But that has NOTHING to do with the lights. The lights are a drain on your electrical system and could cut down the intensity of the spark, and cause the same kind of problem. Of course, faulty spark plugs could create the same problem. Of course, if the fuel/air mixture is reduced, THAT could cause the problem. And THAT may be fixed by replacing the air filter.

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    Thank you guys for all your help, I will check it out and do all your suggestions.
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    Thanks guys for all the videos and suggestions, my car is now perfectly okay, we did an idle bypass, clean the servo and change the air filter.
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