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How long do you guys usually keep the same computer and when would you say its time to get a new one?

I had my dell Computer for 6 years but i have noticed that its is starting to get slower and slower. Do you guys have this problem with your computer?
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    Well i hardly use same computer for 3 years. But i faced many problems due to viruses or usually hard drive problems. As per my knowledge, normally computer life is 5 years maximum. So its good to but new one after 3 years of usage time.
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    I am terrible, working in IT, always needing the latest programs I usually go 2-2.5 years between refreshes.

    Mind you I am expecting to hit the three year mark with this one. Not happy with the current Apple offerings so waiting till another refresh happens .
    I know some people that go 4-6 years but that is generally just when they use word processing, basic email and so on.

    Anything over 3 for me and things just start playing funny with all the latest hardware and software requirements.
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    My previous laptop I had for 3.5 years, not sure if this one will be around that long, but we'll see. My desktop I bought the year my oldest son was born, which would be almost 8 years ago, but then again, whatever is in it now, is definitely a complete upgrade from what was in there what I bough it. Meaning, the only thing this is 8 years old about the desktop is the outside case LOL

    No, I think, around 3-4 years is my maximum, but I'm sure it'll depend on what you exactly do with your computer, I'm sure graphic designers will need to replace them faster.

    If you have yours for 6 years without replacing it, or without replacing crucial parts of it, then it might be time for replacing it.

    Lady WP
    Taking it one day at a time!
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    I have a computer I built about 8 years ago that still runs fast as heck. It's not my main computer, but it could be. I have changed the hard drive out a few times though. That's usually the first thing to go, and will slow down your computer. However most of the time a computer slowing down is a software issue. At that age though, I'd guess that the hard drive may be ready to go.

    So if I were you, I'd be sure to backup anything you want from that PC onto another hard-drive just in case.
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    Computers slow down ONLY because of the junk on them. THIS computer was PITIFULLY slow the middle of last week. I shut down 3 services, and it is now almost as fast as when I bought it!

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    2-3 yrs max. and never get the low model.
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    usually the time for buying the computer normally depends on the type of works we perform on PC
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    I keep the old one as long as it will do everything I want it to do. I find that's usually about 4-6 years. If you're a game player or into video editing or anything else that requires a lot of memory and CPU speed it's probably much less than that.

    I just build websites, check email, roam the web and watch online video so the video has been all that's caused me to need a faster laptop.

    When something becomes slow enough to bog you down or you find you're crashing too often (assuming no viruses), that's the time to buy a new one IMO.
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