Do I Need to Install WordPress??

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Hello Warriors;

I know this sound like such a Newbie question, but I am a bit confused about WordPress.

I have started a couple of blogs there, everything is showing up the way I want, and yet I keep reading that Wordpress has to be installed to a hosting service?

Doesn't wordpress host your blog for you?

Just wondering if I've missed a step and assuming my blog can be read and indexed, but isn't.

Thanks for any help!!

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    If it's working okay for you, no need to change a thing. There are quite a number of advantages, however, for installing Wordpress on your own hosted domain. Several of which are the huge selection of plugins and templates available, and less restrictions on content. Read the tos and don't try to promote affiliate links from your blog, for example, or your Wordpress host will delete your account without any warning. Big bummer.
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    you mean don't promo affiliate links from a wordpress hosted blog right?

    doing so on a WP blog hosted on your server should be fine right?
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    Yes......on have some rules, just follow them.

    For using Wordpress software on your own server, the sky is your oyster!
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      First of all, why was this moved to OT? :confused::confused::confused:

      Anyway, to answer your question, WordPress WILL host your blog but I do
      NOT recommend it.

      They have very strict TOS and if you do any kind of promotion from a
      WordPress hosted blog they will yank it from under you.

      You're better off getting your own domain and hosting. That way you can
      do anything you want with it.
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        Terri, Wordpress can and will host your blog , but you will be unable to monetize it. Get your own hosting and you can set it up to make money.

        Assuming your are wanting that and the blog just isn't for fun.

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          First of all, why was this moved to OT?
          Why does it matter?

          If it was moved, probably to avoid counting dozens of posts by people saying the same thing because it is a simple question with an easy answer.

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    Hi everyone, just wanted to say a big "Thanks" to all of you who responded. I get the picture my own blog it is then!!!

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    You could use wordpress hosting, but you don't have full control, also your blog could be erased, so my advice is to install wordpress on your own host.
    About using WP in general - like it's said-there are good/bad things, but for me positives are much more!
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