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i have blushing problem for example, when im during a presentation for my class i start blushing and sweating..

i am 18 years old, i am not a shy person at all, but when it comes to prensentations or something like that i start blushing.

I just wanted to know if you have any tips about it, or how to prevent blushing.
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    Take a deep breath and remember all the people of the audience is not that different than you we are all equals. That works for me.
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    #2 Thanks for your answer

    ive tried what you said before, it didnt seem to work
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      Put your focus on the needs of your audience instead of yourself during your presentation and focus on giving the talk so that people understand. You have something they need to hear or they wouldn't be there.

      You don't blush when you write something for publication and your name is on it, so why should you do so when you speak? Get the emphasis off yourself and onto the great nuts and bolts of the presentation instead.

      Is there a Toastmasters Club near you? You might want to look into joining one, it's about training people to speak publicly.
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    You could try what Stan Laurel (of Laurel & Hardy fame) here does, only put the bronze on your face instead:


    Project HERE.

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    You will overcome it as you get older, sounds like you just need more confidence.

    Consider this - its no different from talking to a group of friends.

    You don't blush when you're talking to a bunch of your friends, do you? lol of course not!

    You've already been "accepted" by them, so there is no fear of judgement.

    But dont worry about what the class might think - I doubt they will be judging you while you give your presentation.

    Because eventually, each of those people are going to have to give their own presentations.

    So there is nothing to be embarrassed or worried about.

    You just aren't done "growing in to your skin", so to speak.

    I know you're technically an adult, but at 18 you're still a baby... haha good luck man!
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