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Hey everyone...

Has anyone heard of this cool writing contest over at

They are promoting it as the world's "first social writing contest." The finalists are chosen based on votes, reviews left and sharing on social media sites. The grand prize is five thousand dollars and help publishing a book.

They encourage contestants to ask friends and family to vote for their story, but I don't have a big social circle. Anyone want to read my story and vote based on their honest opinion? You can also leave a rating between one and five stars and share feedback by leaving a short review on my contest page.

My story can be found and read here. It had to be a fiction short story, so I chose the crime genre and here is the blurb for the story:

"Shannon is an escort, living one day at a time as she hops between cheap motel rooms and tries to supply her drug habit in the process. She finds herself stranded after losing her car and running out of cash one day, leaving her alone along the side of the freeway in the summer heat when a strange man offers to give her a lift. Instead, no one hears from her or sees her ever again."

Thanks in advance!

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