Before 2012 Ends, Let Me Thank...

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Hello again fellow warriors!

2012 has certainly been an ADVENTUROUS year. I've had so really serious setbacks and a few breakthroughs. It is my intention, however, to learn from the past and use it to fuel growth in the future.

There have been some great mentors/coaches that have helped me make through the year and I want to acknowledge them here and now and maybe help you readers in finding some of the positive voices that help me. So here we go. Thanks go to:

Alex Jeffreys for all the free training he provided that help me find some more direction and focus so that 2013 will be a banner year.

Dr. Ben Adkins who created some really good tools and held some great trainings for online and offline marketing.

Mike Cooch Your products have really been instrumental in giving me effective presentations for my offline clients and I look forward to what comes next.

Steve Rosenbaum, you are the master at back-end! Learned so much from you.

Barry and Rodger You guys have been phenomenal! The tools and systems you create and promote are present in all areas of my business. Thanks for the main thing I'm taking into to 2013: systems.

Others who have had an impact that I want to thank are: Dave Cisneros, Kevin Koop, Tim Castleman, Brian Anderson, Mario Brown, Ryan Rice, Maria and Tina, and John Rhodes and Jay Boyer.

A heart-felt thanks to each of you and I look forward to more of your guidance in 2013!

If any or all have helped you this year, feel free to reply with your thoughts.

BTW: thanks to you to for taking the time to even read this.
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    Hey Regervin,

    It's great that you appreciate people who have mentored/helped you. We sometimes forget the people who helped us climb that mountain. Unfortunately there are some people who forget about those who provided them the beautiful views from the top of mountain.

    I'm sure that your mentors reading this thread will be inspired by your comments and help others to get to their destination.
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    Reg, Thank you very much. I am humbled to be included in this short list. Thank you for all you do, and best of luck in 2013 and beyond!


    Steve Rosenbaum - The Back End Specialist
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    There are lots a great coaches here at WF. It is incredible the quality of coaching that you can get for $100, I mean these guys kniow their stuff. Youi can chat with them on Skype and they are always there to help you out. I love them.
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