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How many kids do you want or want to have. I have 4 and it is a challenge, especially when it comes to buying new school clothes for them all!
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    I have 4 girls (that I know of).
    3 step daughters, 1 I raised on my own from when she was 13 and her mother died and my own daughter.

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    I have 5 sons ages 11-20. All at home.

    It can be challenging on weekends when everyone is home.

    But...I wouldn't change anything.

    ~ kevin
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      I have one and he's quite a handful!
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      so many kids you own.so lucky
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    I Would like to have two kids..But I do not know where is my husband..Man..God.please give me a good man
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    I have 2 kids, the eldest is a handsome 5 years old boy and the youngest is a cute 11 months old girl. I think 3 is the best, not too little and not too many. When they are small we will face some difficulty with many kids but when we get old, we will love to have many kids.
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      I have two kids, my daughter is 8 1/2 and my son is 6. We homeschool them, so I get to spend lots of time with them.

      I have a friend who has 9 children, is pregnant with her 10th, and she also homeschools. My other friend has 7, is pregnant with her 8th, and homeschools them all. I'd find that a challenge.

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      I have 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. My eldest is a girl, followed by another girl and my youngest is a boy.

      I’m fine with my 3 kids. I love them so much. Even at times, I can’t stand them, lol. They are a happy and naughty bunch
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          I have two kids, but they're in their teens now. That's different, I guess. I've got six siblings on my own and the most any of them has is two kids as well. The fast times and urban lifestyle is not made for having a lot of kids (sexless marriage, stress, tension, and all the time at work and on the commute). But when we were growing up it was kinda hard to make ends meet. I guess in a way, it still is hard to raise a family, even with just two kids.

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