Do Facebook profiles expose mental illness?

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Facebook profiles may expose mental illness - CBS News

I agree that Facebook can expose mental illness. When I have friends that play Farmville for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, then that shows me that they have a mental illness.

What are some ways you think Facebook can expose mental illness?
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    Do Facebook profiles expose mental illness?
    Mine does.

    If I have to explain how - you're just as sick as I am.

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    I find this interesting, because i have thought that any site that allows posting will eventually
    show peoples hidden tendencies.

    I never took it as far as to say mental illness. Now that i think on it some
    I can totally see it.

    this tho.

    "By asking patients to share their Facebook activity, we were able to see how they expressed themselves naturally," Martin explained in a statement. "Even the parts of their Facebook activities that they chose to conceal exposed information about their psychological state."

    is just BS. People DO NOT express them selves naturally online.
    Maybe i am just being picky about the wording.

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    I think a Facebook profile can definitely tell a lot about a person. When a criminal (who has a Facebook profile) commits a crime, I am sure investigators can find a lot of information by looking at the criminal's Facebook profile.
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    Having a Facebook account is a sign of mental illness
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    So that blind people can hate them as well.
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    fact is psychology is a very inexact sci and I wouldn't put too much faith in the article.

    add to this the general media spin and well, you do the math
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    I could've made these statements without conducting a formal research. Plus, paranoia is as much a mental illness as papercut is an injury.
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    its not paranoia if they're really after you
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      Originally Posted by socialentry View Post

      its not paranoia if they're really after you

      Lol that's funny.

      That needs to be on a bumper sticker.
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    The new names for Big Brother are "Facebook" and "Google."

    Project HERE.

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    You don't have to go any further than my timeline cover to see mine.
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    I have yet to succumb to the Facebook parasite, and yet my mental illness is just fine!
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    Does this mean I have to "unfriend" Donald Trump?

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    Just YESTERDAY I heard an interview with a guy, Brad Meltzer. He did a study of the assassins that managed to kill presidents. He found some interesting coincidences.

    He could, and DID, discard many since most people in the groups wouldn't do such things. There WAS one interesting finding, and you can find it throughout ALL OF HISTORY. ALAS, I dare not mention it HERE!

    But one interesting coincidence they all had was that they earlier had NO indication of wanting to do such a thing. So an investigation, that didn't cover the ONE odd thing, would have CLEARED them! ALAS, they dare not use that one thing. It would be considered illegal, etc... Oh if they could. One person in government once actually suggested looking for it, DECADES ago. He was ridiculed, even though he eventually was proven right on the basic claim HE was making.

    Anyway, people that figure a belief THEY consider odd is a sign of mental illness and that that mental illness WILL, regardless of TYPE, cause aggression, etc..... are THEMSELVES nuts!

    And MOST of this garbage would have been caught and maybe CORRECTED if not for the fact that "teachers" DON'T CARE, and the legal system often WIPES SLATES when a person hits 18! How many men that abused wives were very aggressive in high school, junior high, grammar school? I bet you will find that MOST were! AGAIN, stuff that many agencies WILL NOT FIND!

    There are TONS of mental illnesses, and most have NOTHING to do with aggression! And ****I**** was the first to diagnose my mother as alzheimers. Her doctor didn't! Several police didn't!(The last one actually DID). And did YOU know that paranoia and psychosis are symptoms of alzheimers? I didn't. I DID see it in her though, etc... She thought I hired people to sneak in here and scare her away. And YEAH, the psychiatrist diagnosed it. After all that, I made sure that anything that could be tainted by a poison or whatever was thrown out after she died. My point is that many probably don't know the danger there. Alzheimers as I knew it may be a problem, but adding psychosis and paranoia makes it potentially as deadly as any serial murderer.

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