Any active gym users here?

by Zakhar
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Just wanted to get peoples experiences on how they go about "gaining muscle" what works best for you?

I'm slim, flat tummy, slightly toned arms nothing too great.

I've been on and off from gym for the last 3 years.

Here's the questions:

1) How can I can some good amount of muscle, something that works for you maybe? I don't care about the time frame as long as it works over time

2) 6 pack abs - what's the best way to obtain one of these especially for someone like myself who already has a flat tummy. eating? exercises?

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    I just started to get back into the gym myself, and have been in and out of working out for over 20 years. Mostly out of it, but I do know what I should be doing in that area.

    the 6 pack effect is your ab muscle development and low body fat which is the most important factor. You may be skinny with a flat tummy, but you do have body fat hiding those abs.

    some basics.

    Don't do exercises that target the same muscle group within 72 hours. ex: if you did a leg workout today, do not do a leg workout for 3 days again at minimum.

    Nutrition is key, you don't really need to pay for any plans or guides. use myfitnesspal or something to keep track of your daily intake, and if you're looking to gain muscle you'll need to consume a little more than your body's requirements of total daily calories. Protein should probably be your primary source of calories.

    check out forums

    find yourself a workout program that fits your goals, schedule and equipment availability. Then find yourself a meal plan to use as a guide. All meal plans break down into something really simple. calories and the makeup of those calories in protein, fats, and carbohydrates. You can get into macro and micro nutrients, but it's not necessary until you really want to fine tune your diet.
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    I gain muscles by carrying my toddler around and lugging heavy groceries home. Workout Plan: GET RID OF YOUR CAR

    Project HERE.

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    Originally Posted by Zakhar View Post

    I've been on and off from gym for the last 3 years.
    There's your problem, stick with it. you have to keep going to the gym then you will see results.
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