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Next, i clicked on the "contact us" button and then 5 mins later i thought,"Damn, i need to relax!"

DO YOU GET PISSED OFF or ANNOYED really easily when it comes to BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE?
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    Ha ha ha.

    Yes, it annoys me if I am paying for a service and get no replies. Is reduces the quality of the overall experience, for the sake of saving money on a support staff and providing an amazing service.

    I would do something similar, but also with something saying that if they did not get back to me in a further 12 hours, I am cancelling with them.

    Watch for the fast response.

    Martin Platt


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    Yes, im like an online Hulk! I could tell you about that!
    Boom shakalaka!
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      You can tell the honest marketers from the DGAF Marketers by their customer service... This happened to me today. I joined a program a few weeks back and I remember in the sales video about 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and all when I tried to contact them through their contact link it says error and it's the only way to contact them.

      I sure am pissed "60 Day Money Back Guarantee You Won't Be Able To Contact Us to Get Your Money Back"

      I guess it is what it is.
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    bad customer service not only decrease conversion rate But makes the customer leave the planet.

    I never get annoyed by bad service because anyhow I manage to get the number of the seller and contact him directly if it is a small scale business.
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      Yes. I get very irritated with bad customer service. Horrible customer service is the sure fire way to lose me as a customer. But that is just my personal opinion.
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    Oh the irony...

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      Originally Posted by TheSalesBooster View Post

      Oh the irony...

      "TheSalesBooster" or "Mr wonderful"....

      I may be missing your point:rolleyes:

      Are you mocking this post? Hmmm...
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          Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

          He isn't mocking the post in itself, he is pointing out the irony of you complaining and your tag line says, "QUIT COMPLAINING Damn It!".
          How ironic yea i see that...thanks for stepping up and clarifying.
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            Quit complaining damn it...lol! ADIOS.
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    Very much.

    It makes me feel like robots are running customer service nowadays.
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    When I need to use customer service in any company I am try and do it by phone. I hate having to wait for ticket support when it is an emergency
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