Sorry, but this is NOT free speech

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Judge: Animal snuff films protected by 1st Amendment

Talking about committing these crimes may well be free speech. Actually committing the crimes is not. Action ≠ Speech (and vice versa).

It boils my blood to think there are such sick, twisted fvckwits wandering the Earth, and makes it boil even further knowing that there is an even sicker twisted fvckwit on the bench defending them.

All of them should be made to experience what the animals endured.

(The sentence in blue is speech, not action).
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    Tomorrows headline should read Federal Judge removed from Bench.
    Killing anything is not protected by the 1st amendment.

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    Which judge was that - we need to let EVERYONE on the planet know who they are and let them sweat that nobody is planning on exercising their "freedom of speech" on his vicious, twisted ass.

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    This is the Judge:
    Sim Lake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Presided over some of the Enron case as well.

    I don't get why they were not fully prosecuted
    for all possible animal cruelty charges, separate from
    the filming, and now watched like Dahmer types should be.


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