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As a former Gulf War Veteran that was partially disabled - I would like to First Thank All The Veterans that serve this country. Over the last few years I've volunteered as a STAND DOWN coordinator-what the Stand Down represents is bringing veterans from all over that need help with clothing-physicals-dentist work-haircuts and the necessities that you and me take for granted.
We get professionals such as doctors-dentists-lawyers-employers-and others to donate their time to help these veterans get back on their feet. It's a wonderful cause that we do twice a year.
As our veterans population rises we need more assistance-As a member here for quite a while what I am asking is that I hope you can LIKE or Share this page with your friends and family.

The Stand Down has helped many Veterans with multiple problems. When I came back from serving this was an idea to help local veterans in their own communities, now it's helped hundreds of veterans and their families.

I hope you can Like and Share this page and help us help the ones that have fought for our freedom-now they need our help.
One veteran I've met came down with a busload of veterans to get some help-his story blew me away-he lives in a tent not far from a major highway-he has no money because his employer went out of business-his children are staying with friends to attend school, his health was at best mediocore. Without the Stand Down he probably would'nt be here today-he thanks the organization like most-but the point I am making is here is that our own government has failed yet again.
This is truly a charity that stays within the confines of disabled veterans. I appreciate the people and how the volunteer their time to help everyone that needs it.
If you can share-like-or even donate I would like to Thank You (All Warrior Members)
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    Don't disabled soldiers AUTOMATICALLY come home once the fall below a certain base level and can't be "made whole". For example, they need two fully usable hands and fully usable feet. So if they end up with a broken leg, or minor muscle damage, they are taken care of in a hospital, until it is better. If they lose a leg, or lose control of it, they are sent home!

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    Not the case, many are treated and go back to service, some come home if they can't perform their duties-as in my case my legs were crushed by a concrete wall collapsing during artillary fire-I have 60% usage of my legs (I can never run a maraton now lol) but I can do the basics
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    Out of thanks - but thanks anyway. I can't believe the injustice of expecting people to give up their health or lives for us then dropping them off next to a highway like this. It is, in my view, the highest form of national disgrace. While I believe, right now, that it's the military's duty to lay down their guns and say "NO more - fight it yourself", I still think those used and abused for the blood money of a few should be well cared for in the aftermath of their service. We abuse animals and people just shamefully in this country. We have little right to the self-aggrandizing attitudes about this country we have until we take care of these issues.

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