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Follow up to a story we saw a while ago:

Student left in DEA cell to get $4 million from US

Original story:
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    What is really FU is that to this day nobody has been charged.
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      No one has been charged....and WE pay the bill. It was bad - but is it really worth one million a day? If so, I'll volunteer for a few days.
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      but the world will be forever changed for that one dog.
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        Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        No one has been charged....and WE pay the bill. It was bad - but is it really worth one million a day? If so, I'll volunteer for a few days.

        Volunteering to go into a cell for a previously agreed upon number of days is quite different than what this young man went though - being put into a cell and told to "Hang tight, we'll come get you in a minute", and then not being released from the cell until 4-1/2 days later.

        Plus, the dude might have been high as a kite - and that could have exacerbated his fears.

        I don't like that any tax payer should pay the bill though.


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    Law enforcement will never pay for their crimes.
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      Not near enough for what he went through and considering his lawyers will be mostly likely be taking a sizable chunk

      edit: I stand corrected

      "Since attorney fees are capped at 20 percent of damages and the settlement payment is tax-free, Chong will collect at least $3.2 million"

      Thats not as big of a chunk as i have heard some lawyers getting. Hope he uses it wisely. Apparently with some of the people he was hanging with he could end up blowing alot of it if he decides to still hang out with them.

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    That guy definitely deserves a chunk of change, but it should come out of the pocket of any and everyone that should have been checking on that cell.
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    The biggest problem I have is that he wasn't at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was originally reported that he was there to do an illegal drug purchase. I have not seen anywhere where this was proven or not.

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    Keeping him in a jail like that is fully unconstitutional. EVERYONE that had access to that cell and was there as an employee, or treated as one is RESPONSIBLE! THEY should be paying PAINFULLY for it for a decade or so!

    By PAINFULLY, I mean like 20%+! They should consider themselves LUCKY that THEY aren't in jail a few years for wrongful imprisonment, willful negligence, theft, torture, etc....

    JUST TODAY, THIS guy.... Ariel Castro, convicted of kidnapping Ohio women, is defiant as he gets life plus 1,000 years | Fox News got LIFE+1000 years!

    If the cops got the same sentence indexed to the relative time, they would spend about FORTY days in jail! That is about 11% of the first year.

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