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What do you guys use for virus protection and virus removal?
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  • I used to have a paid subscription to McAfee. But then a virus messed up one of my systems anyway. McAfee then gave me a story about how certain particular viruses may creep in which my subscription did not cover. This pissed me off! And then to add insult to injury, McAfee then offered me the option to have one of their techs remove the virus if I paid them an additional fee. I then told them that this wasn't going to happen. After 35 minutes of reps and escalations, a tech finally fixed it for free, and then I canceled their service, never to go back. I now use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and seems to do its job.
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    trend micro titanium, Ccleaner and malwarebytes
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    I am using a mac book pro that the company I work for provides and they've chosen McAfee. It seems to do its job pretty well and I have done some full computer scans, etc. Sounds like I might be in trouble if I ever have to call support but so far I haven't had any viruses or malware.
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      Sounds like I might be in trouble if I ever have to call support but so far I haven't had any viruses or malware.
      Well I was initially recommenced this service: McAfee Virus Removal Service - Remove viruses, trojans, malware from your PC | McAfee and was asked to pay $89.95 even though I was already paying the McAfee subscription (which failed to do its job).
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        I use Norton 360 from Symantec which apart from been a very good antivirus also does file cleanup, disk defragmentation, removal of temporary files, diagnostic report generation, disk optimization, registry cleanup, etc. It is normally $89.99 (presently on sale for $59.99) for 1 year and 3 PCs on the Norton website but if you know where to look, you can get it much cheaper. All the best!
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    I use Avast free edition and it works just great
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    Avast is great, I use it on my Windows machines.

    Use this site and try out some of the apps listed here:

    Be sure to read the reviews!!
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      I was happy with Microsoft security essentials, but now my computer is a mess.. nothing works. A friend said MSE does not catch everything. Now I think I will try Avast. Argggg Matie

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    Once when my computer was infected by a pop up on a forum, Malwarebytes was the only spyware remover I could download and run as the others on my computer would automatically shut down upon loading. So now I stick with Malwarebytes and it always picks up and removes all viruses that other so called professional spyware removers miss or skip.
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      I don't use anything. I do have the built in Microsoft security, but that's all.
      I just use Adblock, and avoid going to any bad sites.
      I find all of the virus protectors are extremely annoying, so I prefer to just not use them. I don't go around clicking on ads and strange links all the time anyways.

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    kaspersky. I am just not sure if it is free though.

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    I use Avast Free edition, got no problem with it.You just need to be careful when downloading free stuff on the internet.If the computer gets infected you can use Malwarebytes or combofix.
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    I use avg internet security 2014, one of the best
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    I use Avira.. Go to: AV-Comparatives Comparatives & Reviews ยป AV-Comparatives

    This site will help you decide which is the best one out there depending upon ur requirement.
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    I use Avast Free and use Sandbox for running unknown .exe files.
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    AVG and Advanced System Care for malware, etc.

    i guess this is where i tell everyone i have a blog, among other things -

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    Avast! Antivirus is both free and really good. Kept me safe all these years at least


    PS It's also pretty easy on the CPU unlike other antivirus programs (Norton -.-)
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    I used loads of different anti virus protection but non of theme worked as good as Bitdefender Antivirus Plus & Ccleaner !

    Patryk Glowacki

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    It depends on the platform. On Windows installations, viruses and malware have always been a problem, since the OS is especially vulnerable to malicious URLs and email attachments.

    I have both Windows and linux installed on the same computer, and I've found that most linux installations are much more reliable if you want more protection than what regular antivirus and anti-malware programs can provide on Windows computers.
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      I personally use Norton 360 and i'm pleased with the results so far !!
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        I've been using Malwarebytes when/if I have a problem, but day to day I use another free tool called Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) that I really like.
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    I used Norton 360 for a long while, until I received some help on a Win8 forum, whereby, a tech there explained, Windows Defender and Firewall was sufficient. As of yet, 7 months later, I haven't had any problems.

    Ironically, the info I received was why install a 3rd party software that over-rides the intended OS built-in protection, and until that point, I always had some for of anti-virus installed, and always had problems!

    I'm not too good at all the 'hunting down' contaminated files, but amazingly enough with just the built-in firewall and defender, I've yet to have a single problem outside of the occassional 'force closing' a non-responsive program.
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    I use MS Security Essentials,so, I think that this options is good for to protect my computer.
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    It used to be Microsoft Essentials. But now, I'm all for Avast!
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    I use bitdefender antivirus
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    AVG FREE is my favorite anti virus software.
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    I did use Norton at one time but it wanted to take over my whole computer. I've been with ESET Smart Security for some years. It's not cheap but it does the job, and with viruses and computer security generally you can't afford to take chances.
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    Paid Avast pro account along with regular scans of your system is the whole story. Be careful with those toolbars when downloading any software even from cNet. Very clever now a days.
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    I was using Windows Security essentials on my old laptop, and worked fine, now with a new laptop using Windows defender which is the same as the fine with no issues.

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    This is an old thread a newbie revived, but, since it is revived, has a lot of weekly offers and usually have some major brand of virus protection (other types too) for FREE after rebate. See this weeks sale page at Fry's Electronics | software games movies playstation xbox nintendo

    The way it works if you pay full price for the item. (I'm lucky and have a Frys store less than 5 miles from my home). Then follow the directions in the TWO pdf files they link to.
    1. Rebate on the product for everyone.
    2. Rebate if you already own a legal copy of a purchased competitors software.
    i.e. AVG $69.99, FREE after rebates (free if you already own virus software --see the conditions on their site.

    One condition for AVG upgrade rebate is
    Mail this form with a photocopy of the UPC label from the product package, (*if downloaded digitally,
    write the license number for your copy of Internet Security + PC TuneUp 2014, 3 Users 2 Years on
    the line provided below) a copy of your sales receipt, AND proof of previous ownership of a standalone,
    retail (boxed or downloaded) version of any other company's internet security software product
    by furnishing either a copy of the previous product CD, first page of user manual, or your confirmation
    email from your previous download purchase, to:

    I got Kaspersky FREE last year (same type rebate) and have 36 days left on the license. I will buy AVG and get it free since I own Kaspersky.

    The only catch is the rebate comes on a debit card. It is best to use the debit card in FULL when using it. i.e. $40 card, use it when buying $60 in groceries. $40 on the card depletes it and $20 cash. It is a pain to use a card with only 89 cents left on it or $1.29 and you forget.
    Bob Hale
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      Avast for the last 3 years.. works great!
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    We already know that all antivirus is best and efficient nowadays. Currently I am using Optimo AV. It is very good and efficient antivirus as per me.
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    Windows in general there is no virus software is going to protect you unless your running a mac with a VPN on the linux network then you have some protection.

    Norton and Mcafee are the most vulnerable
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