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It's October, so I thought some ghost stories might be fun. I'll start with my own.

My wife and I bought our first house in 2003, it was a 1950's Victorian style north of Tampa. Always had weird electrical issues, drafts, and sounds, but it was an old house so we never really thought much of it.

Most of the living areas were upstairs, so that's where we spent most of our time and at night, almost every night, we would hear a slight thump and the sound of someone walking down the hallway. Months after we had moved in we started seeing Peacocks (the house was on a conservation and the peacocks were wild and lived there) - occasionally we would see one up on the roof so we always assumed we were just hearing peacocks running along the roof. All 3 of our kids were born while we lived there.

My son (our first) was an interesting kid. From the time he was 10 months old he liked to find the center of balance of objects and balance things on top of other things. One time we heard him laughing and walked by his room and he had basically taken all of his toys and balanced them on top of other toys - and make them SPIN. So picture a little play house, with a toy airplane balanced on top of it, slowly turning in a circle... that kind of stuff. And we would watch him walk in a little pattern around the room, giving everything a slight push as he walked by, so the motion continued.

When he was 2, we heard him talking one night on the monitor - whispering. Couldn't make out the words, and it was only his voice, but we went into the room and asked who he was talking to and he said "Tracy".

"Who is Tracy?"

"The girl that lives in the wall."

And then he described her ... in detail. She wore a yellow dress and had brown hair and she would play with him sometimes. "But sometimes she scares me" he said. But we would hear him talking to "Tracy" occasionally, having little conversations with his imaginary friend. Even on the monitor we only ever heard his side of the conversation, nothing weird... seemed like just an imaginary friend maybe.

When he was 4 his youngest sister was born and a year after that we ended up switching rooms around, giving her that room. The first night she was in that room we heard a loud THUD - and she was screaming. We rushed into the room and she was on the floor, on the OTHER SIDE of the room. She couldn't talk yet, but it was clear she was freaking out and didn't want to be in there. We finally calmed her down and got her back to bed, but every few nights she would wake up crying and want to leave that room.

A year later we ended up moving and got a house closer to my new office, and about a week after that our old neighbor from across the street calls my wife and tells us this story ... that she looked up at our house one day and saw a little girl with dark hair looking out the upstairs window (the same room that was my son's and later my youngest daughter's). At first the neighbor waved, like she always did when Megan would look out the window... only the little girl didn't wave back. And then she remembered we didn't live there anymore... She went to get her camera, but the girl in the window was gone when she came back out.

It's been a few years now, and the same neighbor claims that every once in a while she'll see the little girl looking out the window. We lived there for 7 years, but the neighbors said before we lived there that no one ever stayed more than a year or two. Since we moved out there have already been two other owners.

I never PERSONALLY "experienced" everything other than a couple of minor unexplained noises, but you gotta admit it's pretty freakin weird.
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    Ron, you can read all about my scariest and creepiest ghost story here, Ghost Stories

    It still creeps me out today every time I think of it!

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    Cool story Terra! I wish I had some "paranormal" experiences of my own, I've always been fascinated by that stuff.
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      The below story I believed to be true because my mother and I knew many of the people involved.

      It involved the Inspectorate Section for Music of the Education Department of Hong Kong. That section was involved in inspecting schools for the quality of education. The Hong Kong government had leased an office for it on the 4th floor of a residential building which was high unusual for a Government office. As soon as the staff moved in there, there started seeing an apparition of a girl who who appear and disappear transiently. A few people would be hit by a sudden rush of wind in the office and fell. One actually fell slowly as if somebody was holding her to cushion her fall. On one occasion, the staff saw a girl dressed in green went into the power room. They followed her and there was nobody there.

      Eventually, the staff working there made inquiries about the history of the building. They were told that their office was known to be haunted and the reason why the Hong Kong government leased it was because it was offered a very low rate. In 1973, a girl decided to commit suicide after the stock market crashed by jumping from the roof. On the way down, she was caught by the balcony on the 4th floor and that was where she died. After hearing this, the staff there decided to carry out a few religious ceremonies and after that, the ghost was gone.

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      Originally Posted by ronrule View Post

      Cool story Terra! I wish I had some "paranormal" experiences of my own, I've always been fascinated by that stuff.
      Fixed that for ya.

      You know, that is one thing I have never been able to figure out.

      Why some people have experiences and some don't.

      Anyway, I don't think I would describe that one as cool. I do have one that I think is cool, but I don't think I'd label it as a "ghost" story.

      It started as a dream when I was a little girl.

      When I woke up and began remembering my dream I see in my peripheral vision this soft glowing white being, I can never see it fully or straight on. It began talking to me and showing me myself at a beach. I was there with my little brother and my mom's best friend and a little boy and little girl I did not know. We were doing the usual things little kids do at the beach.

      This being then showed me over the water, almost instantly the sky going from bright and sunny to blacker than black and the winds picking up making the water have big waves with white caps. There was suddenly super loud thunder and flashes of lightening. He told me "Do not run"...and showed me the parking lot of the beach, "but run"...and showed me half way down the beach a smaller cement structure. He said the sand will sting you and you will be scared and won't want to run there, but do it." Next he showed me inside where it was dark and I was crouched down in the back corner. That's all I can remember of the dream and I completely forgot about it after remembering it upon first waking.

      I don't know how much time passed before this incident happened, but my mom's best friend, Let's call her Sunny, invited my little brother and me to come Up North to her family's cabin for a long weekend trip with her niece and nephew. While there, we went to a great lake to the beach. I honestly don't remember what lake it was, but we were spending the day there, playing swimming and having a picnic. I was on the blanket in the grass, just where the sand ended and was looking at all of the driftwood I had collected while there. There were some cool shaped pieces and my mom used to make driftwood art with shells, and other natural stuff. They were cool. Anyway, I just wanted to get her some more driftwood to use. A little way behind me, my brother and Sunny's niece and nephew were playing on the playground, swinging actually. Sunny was setting out our plates, fried chicken, potato salad and that's all I can remember of lunch, lol!

      I glanced up and saw the exact scene I was shown in my dream and that's when it returned to me. Sunny saw it at the same time as I and she grabbed for my hand and was yelling for my brother and her niece and nephew. She told us to run for the car. At this point people were all screaming and running towards their cars too. I was hearing little kids screaming and crying. There was panic everywhere. I broke free from Sunny's hand and started running for the changing room structure on the beach that we had used earlier. It was the cement building I had saw in my dream. Sunny was yelling for me to come back. I wouldn't. I was doing what I had been told. She grabbed my brother and her niece and nephew and they started following me as she couldn't just leave the other kids there and she couldn't just let me run off towards the oncoming storm by myself either. The wind was whipping and the sand was stinging and running was hard because the winds were so strong. Then the rain hit and it was stinging too.

      I made it to the changing building with Sunny and the other kids in tow. I ran back to the farthest corner on the right hand side and plopped down crying. Sunny had the other kids sit and crouch too. It was very scary and loud with horrible noises and I was freezing cold and shivering. After what seemed like forever, all was quiet. Sunny grabbed our hands and told us to hold hands and we left the structure. We looked up towards the parking lot and trees had fallen on cars and some cars were even piled on top of each other.

      Lots of people were hurt and soon, the sirens were coming. Sunny's car had a huge tree right across the top of the car. It was smashed, totaled! If we had not run towards the changing rooms building, we would have been severely hurt or even killed. It wasn't a tornado, but straight line winds that came with that storm, but it was scary as heck and I'll never ever forget it, or the dream I had and had forgotten, or the feeling I got when the dream returned to me in the beginning of that storm and in the middle of our day at the beach. one funny thing is that in the midst of that chaos when I remembered the dream, I thought of Sunny's niece and nephew and thought to myself,"Oh, so that's who those other kids were."

      I have only shared this experience once before. For reasons quite obvious, I think.

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            Originally Posted by Claude Whitacre View Post


            I told my wife about it. She firmly believes in ghosts.<snip>
            My wife believes in ghosts too. This prevents me from buying antiques or used clothes, for fear that someone might have died in them and they are still inhabited by ghosts. I think it is ridiculous, but I am descended from folks widely known for holding seances to communicate with ghosts.

            Project HERE.

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    Really interesting story, but some time I afraid like such tales.
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    I wonder if ghosts ever post messages on Internet forums. Transparent, disappearing messages, sometimes seen, sometimes not.

    Project HERE.

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      Originally Posted by thunderbird View Post

      I wonder if ghosts ever post messages on Internet forums. Transparent, disappearing messages, sometimes seen, sometimes not.
      Did you say something?

      Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    I've written a few articles on the hauntings that go on in the Mountains of Colorado, where I used to work and live. Here's one of them:

    The "Richest Square Mile on Earth" May Well also be the Most Haunted Square Mile on Earth.

    Life in mining towns was not easy. Many died untimely and violent deaths - deaths from diseases, from hostile environments, from mining accidents, from crime, and even from broken hearts. Conditions were ripe for creating ghosts and many mining towns today claim hauntings. Central City, Colorado, also known as "the richest square mile on earth" was a thriving mining town during the gold rush area and to this day many of it's first residents and visitors still roam it's buildings, streets, and cemeteries.

    On the main intersection of town was a building housing one of these restless spirits on it's second floor. During the late 1980's the second floor of this building was the annex for the Golden Rose Hotel, the main building being directly across the street from it. The hotel was a replication of earlier days, all furnishings were actual gold rush era pieces, and to preserve the historical aviance there were no telephones in the rooms. Guests would have to walk across the street to the main lobby to talk to hotel personnel. With a ghost living in one of the rooms, guests made the trip over to the main building quite often.

    I worked in the hotel in 1990 and 1991 until the building was sold to be turned into a casino. Room 25 seemed to have it’s problems. Windows would open themselves, which would not have been so hard to rationalize if they had not had to slide up to be opened. Water faucets turned themselves on, clothes and other objects would disappear then turn up on the bed when the occupants got ready to leave. When the haunted room was empty, any guests in rooms on either side would come to the desk to report fights in the room.

    I remember one guest had reported that items were missing from his room. We assured him that our housekeepers were extremely honest people, but he seemed to not be convinced, until just before check-out he came in and spoke to me. He told me that his belongings had turned up, just as I had indicated they might do. He seemed shaken, and I again reassured him that this was not a prank that anyone on our staff would orchestrate. He agreed readily that it was not our staff. It seems he had already packed and was writing a quick letter to mail on his way to his next destination. When he turned to the bed his belongings were neatly laid on the foot of the bed. When I remarked that it was highly unlikely that someone could have snuck in to replace the items without him hearing them, he just laughed. It seems that he had been facing the mirror on the desk in his room while writing and that no one could have moved anywhere in the vicinity of the bed without him having seen them - and no one had. His missing belongings seem to have just materialized out of thin air.

    Several times during my employment with the Golden Rose, guests in rooms next to the haunted room came to me to report fights in the next room. When I would just calmly smile and assure them everything was quite in order, they would protest so furiously that I would have to walk across to the annex with them and open the door of the room where the “fights” were taking place. It was interesting to see the colors the guest’s faces would turn when I opened the door revealing that the room was indeed unoccupied, and neatly ordered with nothing out of place or destroyed. Some guests loved it, some insisted on moving to the main building for the rest of their stay.

    When gaming was re-legalized in 1991 the annex was sold and converted into a casino. I went off to a business partnership running a parking lot, shuttles, and some miscellaneous marketing. Part of this marketing involved doing coupons for some of the casinos. Checking an order one day, I went to Doc Holliday’s casino - which was in the building that had housed the Golden Rose Annex just months before.

    It was early morning and when I entered the office the secretary was quite frazzled, and was sorting a very disordered stack of papers on her desk. She complained loudly that the “guys” kept forgetting to shut the windows and file cabinet drawers at night and she was many mornings faced with picking files up off the floor and reorganizing them. She was also not pleased with the disappearance of files, which would invariably turn back up on her desk at a later time, but she could never find out who was taking the files in the first place. The room the office was in? You guessed it. Doc Holliday’s casino office was located in none other than the haunted annex room.

    I was told that the casino was called Doc Holliday’s because it was believed that the ghost of Doc Holliday inhabited the building. He is officially reported to have died and been buried in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Whether he actually has taken up permanent residence in Central City, a town he frequented often during life, or not will probably always be a mystery. It is no mystery that SOMEONE has decided to take up permanent residence in that room, however.

    This is only one instance of haunting in Central City. For people interested in ghost hunting, I would be hard pressed to think of a better place to visit. You will find that there are scores of very well known haunted places there, and quite a few lesser known ones as well if you talk to residents that have lived in the area for a time.

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    Ghost stories,...right time for these stories because Halloween is fast approaching...
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      Originally Posted by Anne0521 View Post

      Ghost stories,...right time for these stories because Halloween is fast approaching...
      No shit, Sherlock.

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        Originally Posted by Horny Devil View Post

        No shit, Sherlock.

        I like this one better!

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          Originally Posted by MissTerraK View Post

          I like this one better!

          We had a neighbor put one of those in their back yard by the alleyway. I'm very sorry I never took a picture. We always go past that way around Halloween but it's been a few years now and no more mooning scarecrow. I'm thinking they've probably moved.
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    When I worked as a courier, we did a lot of
    deliveries to a certain nursing home.

    Different staff members would separately tell me
    stories of seeing shadows and such.

    Also, independent of each other, they told
    about a former resident who would wheel
    up to the front doors.

    Because of concerns about residents with dementia
    or Alzheimer's wandering off, the residents had a device
    that would lock the exit doors when they got close.

    So, by getting close to the front doors, he would lock them outside
    while they were on a smoke break. Then, he would flip them
    off and laugh at them for a while. Eventually letting them back

    He passed on in the nursing home. The staff members told
    me that after he died, they kept having problems with the
    front doors. Again, this story was told to me by different staff
    members - independently.


    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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    So, about 3 in the morning just after Memorial Day weekend in 2007, I was laying by myself in one of Idaho's fabulous hot springs named Skinnydipper. The last of the partiers having left around midnight, it was just me, a bear or two I suppose, a black night, full moon, and starry skies about 4,000 feet up a switchback-filled trail on the side of a mountain.

    I saw flashlight beams hitting the trees along the trail in, thinking, "there goes the neighborhood."

    When they got down to the pool, I saw it was just a guy and a girl, mid-twenties.

    They doffed their clothes and as they were getting in the pool, the girl said, "Wow. The dude on the rock said this place was packed. Is there anyone in the upper pools?"

    "Nah, just me," says I. "Everyone else left like 3 hours ago. What dude on the rock?"

    "Some guy was just sitting on a rock out over the canyon just a little ways down the hill. We talked to him for a minute, he said he got in a fight with his girlfriend or something and was just chilling for a while. Said his name was Tom, or something like that. Said he just needed to get away from the noise," said the guy.

    "Guys, there hasn't been anyone up here for at least 3 hours. I've been here since 9, and the only people that were here when I got here was a group of 3, two guys and a girl. They left about midnight. You say he was sitting on a rock just down the hill? What was he wearing?"

    "Nothing, he was butt-naked," said the girl. "He had to have been freezing."

    I got a chill. I really didn't want to say anything, so I didn't.

    I'd been coming to these springs regularly (twice a week or more) for 6 or 7 years, ever since they'd been built. I even packed a few bags of cement up the hill to help out. I knew most of the stories.

    Three years before, Memorial Day 2004, a group of college kids hiked a bunch of alcohol up to the springs and got falling-down drunk. They were all naked (Skinnydipper hot springs, remember) and this led to that which led to one guy's girlfriend doing things she shouldn't have with someone other than her boyfriend.

    According to the accounts they gave police later, the boyfriend jumped out of the pool stark naked and headed off down the mountain with a beer in his hand. After some time had passed, a couple of people in the group became concerned that he hadn't returned, and went looking, to no avail.

    When day came and still no boyfriend, the Sheriff's Department began searching. On a rock just below the hot springs, overlooking the canyon, they saw an empty beer bottle.

    The boyfriend's nude body lay dashed on the rocks a hundred feet below.


    To this day, I don't know if the couple that joined me in the springs was pulling my leg because they knew what day it was, or if they really did talk to a ghost.

    Here's the hot springs where it happened:


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