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This is translated from Bahasa Malaysia to English, do sorry my grammar


Samad a great professor and inventor.
He created a robot that will detect a lie.
Whenever the robot detect a lie, it will
slap the lier.

Samad can't wait his son come back, to tell about
his latest invention.

His son, came back home, very late.

"Where were you?" asked Samad.
"I got prep class dad", answered the son.

*PLANG* The robot slapped the son.

"Son, this robot is my latest invention, it will slap anyone that lie !
Now, please tell me the truth, why you came back home very late?!"

"I'm sorry dad ... I was from my friend's house, watching movie..."

"What movie?"

"Toy Story dad"


"Please be honest son, what movie?"

"Sorry dad, .... porn movie"

Listened to the son, Samad got angry.

"What happen to you? I never taught you to be like this. What you gonna be when you grow up?
What a shame....
When I was a kid, I never watching porn..."

*PLANG* The robot slapped Samad.

Everything become so quite suddenly......

Samad's wife, came out to the hall and said,
"Huh, both of you are the same. Like father, like son.
Anyway, it is your son, so...."

The robot slapped Samad's wife, before she finish her line.

Everyone become quiet....
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    Haha that was a funny joke. Thank you for sharing.

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