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I just bought a new computer. I chose to stick with Windows 7 because I have only heard bad reports about Windows 8.
However, I went from 32 to 64 bit. 2GB ram to 4 GB ram and 500GB HDD to 1 TB HDD.

This PC is now like greased lightning. It only took me a day to get EVERYTHING I wanted loaded and customised the way I want it. Each program loaded quickly but it always takes time to set things up the way you like them.

My last computer lasted me 7 years so that was pretty good. But it had some hardware and software issues so this new one has no issues at all.

So if you do have problems, upgrading is a great way to solve problems if they're too many to keep you happy. My old pc was also very slow and seemed to be getting slower.
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    Hmmmm, lucky duck! :rolleyes:

    My Laptop, (Toshiba Sat, 32bit, 320 gig HD, about 3 gig RAM) was starting to freeze on a regular bases, and driving me nuts!

    I went online and found REGCURE PRO, which l use everytime l turn my Laptop on; virtually freeze free.

    It isn't cheap, at $30 every 6 months, of something like that, but it works! :p

    I do a lot of high end graphics, so eliminating the very annoying freeze up for 5 seconds crap is great.

    Obviously updating to a i5 Toshiba, almost 1 T, 4 gigs of RAM, would probably give me a 2 or 3 fold increase in speed.

    But l do have fairly old software, so l would probably stay with 32bit.

    What kind of PC or Laptop did you get, and where from? I suspect JB, or Harvey Norman?

    I have drooled over a beast in Harvey Norman, which costs about $3200, and has l think it was, 32gig of RAM, some for the graphics, Pentium 4 Quad core, and almost 2 T of Storage!

    Probably do most things in half a second or 1 second at worst!

    One day! :rolleyes:


    PS laurence, if your new Laptop/PC has the latest version of windows installed, and it keeps pestering you to register it, ignore it!

    That is if you want to reinstall an older version of it, in the future!

    I had that crap with my present one, a year ago, and learned that once l register, then l would literally have to reinstall the OS again to get rid of it!

    So avoid registering it if you want to install Word 2005 for example, well as long as it works with 64 bit?

    PPS REGCURE PRO is great, but click on edit, after a scan and unclick FireFox, etc otherwise it will wipe off your history and link icon settings.
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    I have had windows 7 and windows 8. I honestly think windows 8 is a bit better overall. Cannot think of any reason that I would consider going back to 7. Although both are very good operating systems.
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    I'm pining for an alienware
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    Laurence I'm experiencing the same giddy new Toshiba Qosmio arrived Friday. I upgraded to the i7 chip and 12 Gigs Ram. Holy crapoli what a difference from my 5 year old dinosaur. I had reservations about Windows 8 but two days in I'm just getting the hang of things. The first time I went to turn it off it literally took me 10 minutes to figure out how....and I suspect I'm probably not doing it the intended way but still would it have killed them to leave an on/off button right out in the open? Lol.
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      Originally Posted by Doran Peck View Post

      first time I went to turn it off it literally took me 10 minutes to figure out how....and I suspect I'm probably not doing it the intended way but still would it have killed them to leave an on/off button right out in the open? Lol.
      Here you go, Doran:

      How to get the Start menu back in Windows 8 - CNET

      If you want me to go on arguing, you'll have to pay for another five minutes.

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    It is much faster and I also upgraded from Office 2003 to 2013 and that is taking a LOT of getting used to. My dvd drive works whereas in the old machine it didn't and other issues are now sorted of course. Backups take very little time and so does installing anything.

    I got my pc from a local computer shop as the major companies all had Windows 8 installed which I did not want. So I am a happy chappie right now.

    P.S. sorry for the delay in re plying to the posts here but for some reason I did not get notified of the replies, even though it is listed as a subscribed thread.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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      You will find this. Get a computer, five years down the line get a new one and find a lot of the problems you had before have just vanished. Five years later it happens again!

      Windows was originally a cobbled together bit of software, now getting a bit more slick and reliable.

      Its 6 years since I upgraded and at the time bought the fastest thing out there. I have Vista 64 bit. Still going strong and fast enough and kept in check with Norton 360. I back up my files with a usb Hard Disk.

      Would get Windows 8.1 which is on all new machines if I decided to get a new one now so I could pretty much revert back to the vista type familiar format. Said this before. Not interested in a giant cellphone.

      I can go on for quite a long time yet with what I've got though!

      One thing I dont like, the absense of the windows mail program, used it for years, hate the online stuff. But have Office so could use Outlook, similar.

      The only thing to fear is Lanfear itself.

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    My last computer ran for 7 years and I think that you simply get used to things done a certain way. Slowly you find problems and try to work around them or ignore them if they're not serious enough.

    But it is true that as soon as you do upgrade, everything seems amazing because you forget what it was like when everything worked perfectly and any problems could easily be fixed too.

    I still say Windows 7 is best for me but next time, whenever that is, I would probably upgrade to Windows 9 or 10 or whatever happened to exist at that time.

    I always do 2 backups, one to an external hard drive and one to a usb drive so I can carry that with me.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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      Must be a huge USB?

      I have a 3TB external hard disk drive, (Seagate) which l used for more than a year, before l really trusted it with my most sensitive data.

      Although l was in JB yesterday and saw a cloud 2TB external drive!

      No more plugging in, just bring up the box and download it like Wi-Fi pretty cool, but l might need more than one, since l have already used almost 2TB on my current one!

      Enjoy your new toy!

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