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Anyone else sign up for Amazon Payments. I've never had any trouble with Pay Pal and I've had a merchant account for years so I really didn't need to get an Amazon Payments account but I could see it getting big fast so on Monday, their first day, I signed up. Its been strictly amateur hour all week. Multiple emails, two phone calls, and even FAXES!!! Who the hell has a fax machine anymore. I had to go to the Fedex store. Back and forth, back and forth. Four days and still not verified. Meanwhile Bezos has built a multi-billion dollar data base which will become the greatest hack target on the planet. It seems the good people at Amazon can't understand that not everyone sits home in their underwear and makes $50 a week selling yard sale junk on Ebay. Some of us have a legitimate business and a real office. I'll keep everyone posted. Tomorrow is day five. I'd have just given up but it has gotten to be such a siege that I'd like to see it through.
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    for faxes you can use free services, if you need to receive a fax from there's fax 2 email too.

    Amazon is getting really good, and it all started from a book store.
    I like their AWS, time to try their payment solution maybe.
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