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Today is the last day to submit your comment on Net Neutraility so here's what I wrote:

As a citizen this is my comment on net neutraility...

The internet is something that should reside solely for the people themselves and not for for-profit corporations to profit from.

The internet should be patently neutral moving forward and not subjected to the moods of greedy for-profit corporations which will falsely try to sell you on the fact that their customers will benefit from a having a non-neutral internet.

Once the decision is made to change the internet a precedent will be set and corporations start to modify user experience that will automatically set up exclusionary practices which will ultimately negatively affect all users.

In summary the internet should remain the "great unifier" and not divide and segregate users based on financial means or any other.

Do you agree with what I sent in to them?
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    Your statement is a bunch of double talk that seems to endorse the idea of net neutrailty, but it is obscure enough that I don't know WHAT side I am on. Frankly, I think.

    1. It should be balanced so nobody can disrupt it wholesale. This means that youtube, netflix, major downloads, etc... may suffer, but it is FAIR!
    2. Small messages, like ICMP, should be DELAYED and throttled exponentially as time passes. This may affect some things, SEO, etc... But it would ******OBLITERATE****** DDOS and DOS!
    3. Free services should be throttled a bit. This will ALSO help prevent spam.

    NOW, is this in line with the neutrality pact? I have NO idea.

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    BTW Google would be AGAINST my ideas, since it would disrupt their ads and spidering as well as services like youtube. Amazon, the STORE, might LIKE it, since their store would run better. Other services they have would be worse.

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    I made comments that were much more political and much more indignant. Lol - who'd have thought that from me?

    I also promised that I would work very hard to see anyone who votes for this new step into fascism gets their asses booted out of office.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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