Who here uses an Autodialer?

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Hi, I'm in need of advice on autodialers from someone who can recommend a good one. I've used Sales Dialers before and they were good but it had a couple of issues I didn't care for.

Does anyone know of any others, or have any recommendations based on experience?

Thanks in advance...
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    What are you going to do with it exactly?
    I have used dialtel in the past.
    Still use it every now and then.

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      We're gonna call leads for ad sales. Retirement communities, nursing homes, etc. Put them on a drip campaign emailing them after the initial call.
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    which autodialer is the best ? any suggestions ?
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    I'm partial to vicidial. It's scalable and is in use in large call centers, but at the same time you can find an old Pentium IV, and off you go.

    Plus completely free.And open source as well, so if you're the tinkering type, you can tinker. You'll probably have to tinker a bit to get it working though.
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      I use something similar. It's a computer program where you import a csv of the cold calls you want to make, it automatically dials them, if it goes to voice message it leaves a prerecorded message for them so that you sound as hyped up as the first call. You use a headset, and boom you're making 60 cold calls per hour and having a blast doing so. Thus, making conversion rates Skyrocket like never before. I could say from personal experience that this is the number one program in the world right here. And if you do decide you want to go with it, just hit me up with a PM, I'll gradly forward you the sources.

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  • Even I am using Sales Dialer but havnt faced any issues as such. If you can share the issue which you faced then i can surely help you.
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