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I work as an IT freelancer and consultant. I have a client who sells health healing products through their MLM business. I maintain a website, work with HTML and send out newsletters and some other things. Seems they don't have a great technology solution to run the business, so I am looking for an MLM software that will replace the software they use allow their sales team (affiliates) to:
  • have their own professional, replicated site
  • allow ecommerce, so they can sell the product from their site,
  • be mobile-friendly/responsive
  • have a back office, a log in area where affiliates can see documents, forms, updates, etc

optionally have a built-in CRM to capture leads, track sales, etc.
Great if it can send out newsletters too

They currently use 'greystar solutions', also InfusionSoft for their CRM and newsletters.

I've searched and found a few, but I don't know a lot about this.

I've looked at Shopify, but not sure if that's the one, but I like the look and concept. Does anyone know of a good one with the above features for an MLM business?
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    Are you talking about an individual distributor or an entire company?
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      Originally Posted by Tsnyder View Post

      Are you talking about an individual distributor or an entire company?
      For an entire company
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    I am looking for the software to run the company.
    Building Businesses Beyond their Four Walls by
    Thinking Outside the Box... since 1993.
    Is anyone capable of designing a mobile site for
    this e-commerce site for a fee:
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    This thread should be on offline marketing or website design
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    Maybe have look at Erpal, based on Drupal. If you combine that with organic groups and maybe multisite, you should get some mileage. Otherwise you have to go with a web framework and roll your own...
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    I looked for this kind of thing a while ago and it's complicated.

    I found a few scripts but they were either cheap and didn't work very well or they ran into multiple thousands of dollars.

    There are several issues here including:
    • MLM compensation structures vary- (forced) matrix, binary, stairstep, unilevel, etc.Percentages and bonuses vary as well and are normally per person according to how far up the MLM structure they're reached. Probably with qualification sales for different levels and maybe with ongoing sales minimums to stay qualified. Not to mention how the inevitable dropouts are handled. Or how non-qualifying products (brochures, etc) are handled. Or starter kits which may attract a different qualification level.
    • Cloned websites can be offered but what degree of variation will you be allowing, will they be hooked up to the main site, what's in place to stop people by-passing the distributor, what's in place when an unsupported country or currency or payment method is used?
    • Members need to be able to get stats on their team and probably want to be able to communicate with them either through the main site or with their own email or on Facebook/Skype/phone.
    • Warehouse stock levels - by warehouse and country as well as by product and pack size.
    It's not trivial and it's not too likely you'll find an off the shelf solution for your particular MLM model.
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    It would cost multi-million dollars to set up. There are no effective scripts around for it unfortunately, I've looked recently.

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    After doing more research, I found

    MLM Software - MultiSoft Corporation - Home - MLM Software, 1 800-587-MLMS (6567), MLM Consultant, MLM Consulting, MLM Resources, Best MLM Software, for Network Marketing or MultiLevel Marketing Businesses from MultiSoft, which is about $10,000 or so to set up, and Free Trial - Plexum: MLM Software / Network Marketing, much more reasonable at ~1,000 to set up, and $500/month, and offers newsletter creation ability, e-commerce, and more, like '120 credits' towards support issues.

    I think plexum is the best of what's out there.

    I am waiting for my client to decide if they want to make the switch from Greystar.
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    You probably need software that is going to support your compensation plan. Make sure your compensation plan, bonuses, ranks are well designed in paper.

    My suggestion is to go with a well established company in the mlm industry. We tried using numerous inexpensive scripts but we wasted time and money.

    Also most mlm software companies are good with software but not with marketing automation.

    On my last project I consulted, the mlm software the started at $25,000 plus monthly hosting fee. Also don't pay per distributor fees.
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