Got a 9 1/2 x 12 in my mailbox today

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Wheee....first I have seen....put out by a local coupon type mag..maybe they read Bob Ross threads haha?

Have not seen Bob Ross around here.....or really any of the other "warriors" who were very gung ho on working this?

Not sure but I think this company is a printer and the people on the card also are mostly regular adverisers with them. It was a motley pizza coupon, a vapor store, a "gift /candy" store, etc
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    Pretty cool you got one in the mail. There's probably a 90% chance I would know the person sending it but I don't know where you live (doesn't really matter anyways).

    This forum has become so dead that it's just not high on my radar anymore unfortunately. The 9x12 model is still going strong as ever though, anyone inside our private community would tell you.

    I'd post the concept again on here but it's not worth doing it and having the mods ban me or take the thread down again.
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    I haven't seen anyone else doing the 9x12 in my area.

    I have noticed someone does an 11x17 folded sheet that comes with a newspaper everyone once in a while that has 12 advertisers on it and they're all the same size (6 on each sold, but shows only 3 when it's folded).

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    I'm interested in learning about the 9 x 12 system and how can I use it to help me build my Online Restaurant Directory?
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      Originally Posted by zoro View Post

      I'm interested in learning about the 9 x 12 system and how can I use it to help me build my Online Restaurant Directory? 9 x 12 system - Google Search
      Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
      - Jack Trout
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      Originally Posted by zoro View Post

      I'm interested in learning about the 9 x 12 system and how can I use it to help me build my Online Restaurant Directory?
      Hi Zoro....along with search check out Bob Ross post I am NOT affiliated nor do I "work" this system but from what I have read it seems like an honest opportunity

      Basically it is a "co=op" ad large glossy flyer that you run the "co-op" - you sell ad space to various business and then mail it out via the EDDM program here in the US...
      maybe you have something like that in Oz?

      You could run variations - I actually did a few "co -op" ad sheets - I did it for a salon and some of the people in her shopping center a few times....I did it for another guy who has a "biz networking" group - we printed the flyers with ad spaces on them -

      now if you don't do photoshop or gimp this is where you could use a fiverr person in an honest way - let them design an ad

      You can mail them or (JMO) you can also distribute them - so many to each business,
      maybe get some teens and pay minimum wage to have them distribute them

      It depends on your mail prices, laws etc....but I think it could work for you

      It is a "tangible" thing that biz owners understand. You put them out in a given area...truly local... you put them out where customers are. They can put a coupon on it

      JMO - maybe you could offer a listing on your facebook "app" for 2 months for free to the restaurants - this would be a nice perk and actually might build that up

      You need to find a cheap printer - a wholesaler IMHO.

      I would not overstate the "results" or sell the results...I would emphasis the local part

      Monkey see monkey do....get a couple on there and the others will follow

      You got to close - get 1/2 the money a nd a contract....offer "free" ad design
      and then hold that money - no refunds....push and fill it...then get the 2nd half of the money....go to printer...and voila

      I think you can charge anywhere from $300 up an ad and you put? about 15 or more on a flyer

      you just have to focus and do some searches here
      some people complicated it....don't be locked into too firm an idea, just figure it is a co-op ad, you run the co-op and are nicely rewarded.
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        Good ideas here!

        You could even do ads on the back of business cards. They are easy to do and very profitable.
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