Here's the $50 million you've been waiting for

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I've written a lot of copy in the crowdfunding niche and have been following developments there. It used to be you needed to be an "accredited investor" (high net worth individual) to participate in the sale of shares in private companies.

These Depression-era rules were supposedly to protect hicks like your dumb Uncle Jeb from losing money or getting scammed.

But tech has come a long way, and these restrictions are really not needed anymore. The 2012 JOBS Act loosened a few of these old-school rules, but it wasn't until yesterday (Jun 19, 2015) that the decks were cleared for equity crowdfunding online.

Now you'll be able to raise money for your company by using online platforms. Previously crowdfunding services like Kickstarter could only let you garner donors, not shareholders. That has all changed.

F-U-N-D-E-D: New rules mean you, too, can be a startup owner - CNET

This is a huge change, and could mean new avenues of working capital for you.

Jay Abraham talked to two experts who explain it better than I just did - check out the podcast here:

Audio « Play.It

Click on "Show 13 - Crowd Powered Mini-IPOs with Samuel S. Guzik & Peter M. Einstein."

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