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What's the best way to get hold of a dentist to sell them services?

Lumpy mail?
Cold call?

Can't walk in as I am overseas at the minute! Or are they so difficult to get hold of, it's not worth the hassle??
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    Not sure what offering them, but when was seeking a few dentists for marketing projects..

    I generated a few high end dentist clients by direct mail using a grabber that always got opened.

    Also, one through email, but definitely suggest the 2 step. Mail the attention grabbing piece with a strong offer and call to action and then few days later-call and mention what sent him and if grabbed his attention and liked what you had to say, then should be open to talk with you then or set up a time to continue when free.
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    Look for a dead lion :-)
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    Dentist, Lawyers, anything on those levels are a pain to work with. Most of them will have receptionist you have to get through first. By far the best clients, at least in my experience are contractors. But if you must you should find the Doctors home address and mail them. Any other method will first get filtered by someone else. And like fasteasysuccess stated, do a follow up phone call.
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    Forget cold calling for professionals. It's too hard to get past the gatekeepers and even if you do, you lack posture and credibility, which is a huge thing for these people.

    In my experience there are only two ways to get into that market:

    1. Find them online (Linked In etc), then seduce them into your funnel with a free offer such as a free report targeted at the dental profession.

    2. Take a lateral approach by cultivating multipliers and influencers. I did this with accountants - when I got a referral from an accountant, the prospect always took my call.
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    I was going to suggest LinkedIn, depending the service your offering them make sure its going to be one that will solve a problem they have, as an example most business owners need good leads so if your going to reach out to them.

    Show them how you can help send highly targeted good quality leads to their business with credit card in hand ready to make a purchase.

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    That was a source I was thinking of, as contacting them through email has been impossible - even personal email seems to get opened with the receptionist!

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      I've had success with email with dentists. It takes a lot of volume but some dentists actually have their personal email addresses listed.
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        In my experience, dentists will check their emails after hours and Saturday mornings.

        Make sure to have a really good subject line.
        Not too salesy where it sets off spam filters. Also, it's a good idea to include their name as well.
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          Many of them also take all or 1/2 day friday to catch up on emails and meet or talk to vendors.
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    I actually just sent some lumpy mail like letters to a couple of dentists. It's my first go at sending letters out. I'll you know if I get a response.
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      Put "Personal and Confidential" on the envelope to get past the receptionist.
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        How to sell depends to a certain extent on what exactly you´re selling. IMO, the best service to sell not only dentists, but all business owners, is sending them pre-qualified leads (lead generation).

        And the best way to sell this service is by simply sending them some leads up-front for free and then following up to see how this worked for them and if they´d like to become your client. As Frank Kern is saying: "Prove that you can help them by actually helping them!"

        As to dentist specifically, in most countries they have their professional associations - just like doctors and lawyers. Usually those associations have a high reputation among the professionals and if you manage to win them as a partner (for example to promote a webinar with you) that could turn out beneficial for you.

        In addition, if you are not sure what and how to sell: I think the best way is to make friends with some professionals and simply ask them what services they´d need, how much they´d be willing to pay and what would be the best way to approach prospects.
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