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As far as I can tell, Jason Kanigan coined the "most calls start off so bad that there is no rest of the call" phrase, and is something that I fully agree with.

I never did the whole "Hi, how are ya doin'. My name is James and I work for blah, blah, blah" approach in my cold calling that undoubtedly advertises you as a telemarketer, but I noticed that the more condensed salutations I could deliver the better responses I would get. So, I began using an incredibly simple single sentence that has transformed my "rest of the call" conversions. Now, I'd say prior it wasn't bad, but now I have an excellent fit for the niches I call into.

Basically it's 2 parts: an opening statement and a question to move the call forward. I will forgo the first part because that is unique to the specific niche and business I work in and really angnostic to the real effective part.

So here's that 2nd part: "Who is the best person to talk with about this?".

Source: Ewenmack.

I'm really sorry to not have the exact thread, I'll hunt around for it but this is almost verbatim from a comment in one of his posts. It was a seemingly unnoticeable one-liner, but it caught my attention and I began to use it at the very first pickup/answer of my call.

Found that post I saw:

"Who should I be talking there about getting
your company a better deal on your eftpos paper rolls please"?

This got me talking with the decision maker and gave them a reason
to put me through to the dm.

It worked like a charm.
Yes. It does work like a charm.

Now, this may not be for every niche, but for mine it's a great fit because the person answering may be the decision maker, or it may be someone making $10/hr. I really don't know when I call and this seems to:

1. Get me immediately transferred to the DM from that $10/hr person.
2. Get me moving rapidly to getting transferred from the more experienced gatekeeper.
3. Get me the attention of the DM should they be the one's picking up the call.

Literally 99% of my calls get that person on the other end to stop for a second and provide an actual reply instead of a robotic answer they'd usually give to the 100 telemarketers that called earlier.

It's really funny to hear it when the actual DM picks up. They'll normally say something like this with a bit of a chuckle and actual interest... "well, that's me! What is this about again?". They are so used to just hearing the robotic salesie intro that it truly throws them and gets them into the call a bit.

More importantly, it does this at the very start of the call and has improved my "rest of the call" stats.

Anyway -- thanks Ewenmack. I'm really glad I noticed your small little comment and took notice. As well as actually implemented it, because it's pretty darn effective.
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    I wonder if you can help me, who is the best person to speak to about ------------- (increasing, decreasing whatever)

    is from Yellow Pages script 1980's


    PS: Yellow Pages as in UK Yellow Pages. Funnily enough they got the idea of this opener from one of their own TV Ads which became one of the most famous Ads of all times.

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