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by qu4rk
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I have an off-line business owner that wants to provide a link via social media, email, etc. for an e-book.
  1. The customer clicks the link, is sent to paypal and pays.
  2. Then, there is an automatic email that is sent with a link to the e-book.
  3. Then, the business owner is sent an email that x item was purchased by y customer.
  4. The business owner then can change the ebook and or the price without it having to be coded or anything.
  5. Some sort of upsell page would be great during the "buy now" process, but if not, then that can come later.
Does anyone know of a script like this? Her site is Wordpress but I'd rather use something that is not a plugin.

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    I use gumroad.

    It does all that stuff with the exception of sending to an upsell page after download.

    Although I am assured they are currently working on this.

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    Gumroad is good, ejunkie is okay (but kinda dated now...) and if you're looking for something free, With Mals E you can put the 'buy now' button on a wordpress page, but it isn't a plugin. It'll just redirect to your own private Mals E shopping cart page.
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      I prefer All In One Shopping Cart Software Kind of a dumbed down light version of infusionsoft ( at like 1/10th the price ). Gives you the CRM abilities that any and every online marketer should be looking for. Allows for fairly complex funnel setups, and the ability to maintain a online product store of sorts.. that does not have to be "visible" as a traditional online store, but a resource to maintain the backend to pitch upsells downsells and targeted list sales from a central location that makes keeping tabs of sales data and giving you the ability to track all of this in one place.
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    The intermediate web sites will charge you monthly fees or taking commission on each of your e-book sells, so i think to have a plugin like E-commerce would be a good option for you to test out, because it can keep your e-book secure and the downloadable link will be working only for a set of time after you make sure the costumer download the product and is not going to share it with others.

    You can download the plugin on its official web site at link :
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    If it's still available seven dollar secrets script does exactly that and alot more, it's been years since I used it but it works very well.
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      Well, it is a plugin, but I basically did what you describe using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is designed for selling shipable hardgoods, but it can be set up to sell ebooks, which I what I did with it. It took some tweaking to get it satisfactory. The download link was tiny text well down the page until I did some coding. Also it will try to sell the customer multiples if you don't get an additional plugin to fix that. I would not install WooCommerce on an existing WP site used for other purposes, though. You want to install it in it's own subsite in a separate WP install.
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    I used Gumroad and it is beneficial, buddy.
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