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Over the last 12 months I have scoured the Internet for a design and development product that would empower the local small business communities to get their businesses online.

Most of us are keenly aware that this is not only something that should be done but must be done in order for many of these businesses to survive.

You can see it in larger organizations in how they choose to spend their marketing budgets.

Smart Phone apps, Responsive websites, Electronic Marketing and so much more.

We all know that for many of these businesses failure to take action in this new technology world will create a situation where a for lease sign or for sale sign goes up where once a vibrant business was located.

Back to my search for the best system of software products to provide a good and effective method of producing quality offline marketing tools.

I have seen a few products that came close and many that just failed miserably, I am sure many of you are well aware of all the many products that use sales hype to sell and then later when you are trying to separate fact from fiction in the sales hype, you end up felling abused and frustrated.

In some cases there is no perfect product solution.

However there is one spectacular failure of the offline mobile business product industry that should be examined both in terms of why it failed and how you might learn from the failures of other marketers.

I call it the nickel and dime failure funnel.

As the name suggests its all about nickel and diming you with product Upsells which really should be part of one product.

The premise for this sales technique is both insulting and sad marketing at its worst.

One recent product which will remain nameless (for now) creates so many different modalities for providing more profit for the seller it tends to leave out the possible success of the developer and service provider.

This is wrong and perhaps even crosses the line between good and evil.

They begin by using sales hype to suggest a simple and easy process of producing local business websites in just a few button clicks in just a few seconds.

The problem is that they do not reveal that the product that they are showing you is not the product that you are buying.

Here is an overview for failure.

Product levels.

Product 1 First product offering. Must purchase to reach the second level of the funnel.
Product 2 Three levels of upgrades offered.
Product 3 Four levels of upgrades offered.

The problem here is that they do not tell you about one very important thing.

When you buy into the first product and you access the Membership website, (of course they present you with a one time offer first) but what they do not tell you is that there are three additional levels of products.

Product 1, has three levels.

If you want to reproduce the results depicted on the sales page you have to upgrade or purchase additional products in order to make use of the first product that you purchased.

(Honesty like the song by Billy Joel Honesty its hardly ever heard)

Product Two, after you have purchased product 1, you find out that "Low and behold"

There are four levels of products upgrades.

Again, you find out that what you thought you were buying well you have to upgrade to get what was suggested in the sales hype.

So while this behavior might be profitable its not good for those of us who expect more from product vendors and in this case JVzoo as well.

Product Quality...

We expect good products as developers and sales oriented marketers.

Quality is job one but with this product or should I say products Quality is out the window all together.

I evaluated this product and I found some startling hidden and dishonest information about what they were selling.

They used a very old default wordpress theme as the basis for the theme they were selling.

(Remember the old 2013 wordpress theme)

Its old and it has not been updated in a long time and as most wordpress marketers know old themes are often insecure and trouble laden themes.

This product uses that theme as the basis for its hyped up sales pages.

That seems not only foolish but pardon me, STUPID.

We all know that wordpress websites undergo a lot of attacks hackers tend to look for old themes and plugins to subvert and hack your site.

So, Imagine making this purchase and paying three to four times more than you thought you would have to pay, spending hours trying to figure out the convoluted members area and then spending even more of your valuable time trying to get the thing to work, (mostly because its trash but also because you still want what you were shown on the sales page)

Then you sell a package to a business and in a month the site gets hacked and guess what its because of an old theme they used to wrap up their crap and sell you.

Well you are going to get a phone call in the middle of the night and its going to be someone that will burn your ears up about how much of a low life you are along with talk about you being a goats progeny.

Sure that might be a little over the top but I guarantee you this will happen and for the most part you only get one chance with a client, you either get it right and they love you for life and tell all their other business friends about you or you get it wrong and you cant sell a computer for free.

It happens all the time in the off line sellers market.

Customer service is the single most important aspect of becoming profitable long term.

So, please be careful when considering exposing your clients to website design services that you are using from bad sellers on some marketplaces.

Over all I am still searching, perhaps that is because there is no product that actually works well or perhaps that great "Pie in the sky" software product is just waiting for the right "quality minded" developer to create.

So with that said, Opine away, this is what makes us great and what makes us better.

Ill leave you with some Billy to enjoy as you contemplate the future.
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    Tim. Not sure what you're smoking, but you could send me some? If you use WordPress with the "best in class" plugins, apps, hosting, etc., you mostly likely won't have any security problems and if you do they're fixable. While you're waiting for something perfect the rest of us will be serving your potential clients. Don't wait man. Let go. Move on.
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    @SiteSmarty LOL, There really are only two types of people online here, those that are interested in helping others and those that like conflict and arguments, which are you?

    @ All Others, Digital Products that make promises that you can sell offline digital services without knowing or understanding code, these products are not well suited for making money long term online.

    The most important part of developing websites online is the ability to supply what your client wants, with a minimum of effort, obviously that is not always possible, but if you are relying on a product that makes it difficult to edit or manage your clients websites, this will make you look bad.

    If you do it right you need never loose a client, unless they are the kind of client that you want to loose.
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