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How about this? If I wasn't able to give you the absolute best deal, I would never expect you to buy a vehicle from us.

Speaking of word tracks (or scripts), would you use any of these:

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    =`) !
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    If you have to do a hard close you have not shown enough value of the product/service that you are trying to sell.

    You will get a person spend money with you without the complete confidence to do so. Doesn't add up to great business.

    Today's customers are more savvy than they used to be... and hard closes are not as necessary if you have a superior sales process, sales method, and customer enablement program after the sale has taken place.

    When I close a deal it is a smooth flow as if that is the natural direction of the sales conversation. There is almost now closing involved because I have removed all doubt through proper discovery and business value assessments.

    At least that's my 2 cents. I focus on the enterprise market though, so that might be the difference...
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    Maybe # 7 ("You can’t lose. The consequences of this decision can only bring happiness to your life. )... though I think I have something better than that. I ask: "Imagine yourself a few years from now. Do you think you'd ever regret getting this?" Last time I used that, the guy put his head between his knees, put his hands over his head, said "aaarrrghhh, that's a great line" - and bought.
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