Cold Calling To Introduce A New Product Into The Market

by CFamm
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I've created a GPS tracking service that dog walkers can use to track their walks. Their clients can then log into my website and see exactly where their dogs went.
The point is to make dog owners more trusting of the walkers, because they know they're accountable, and therefore to increase the number of new customers the dog walker gets.

There's a company in America that has this for their dog walkers but there's no company that I know of that provides the service to private walkers.

Before creating it I called a few dozen walkers and asked if they'd be interested. 70% wanted me to call them back when I was finished but since finishing it I've called ~100 walkers on my first day and haven't had anybody interested.

I haven't called the original walkers who said they were interested yet because I think that my phone sales skills are the problem here and I don't want to turn off my warmest leads until I can get some more skills.

I've never cold called before, and only taken incoming calls from people who wanted to buy my own dog walking services, so my sales skills are close to zip.

I've read Pitch Anything, SPIN Selling, all of Claude's books, all of Grant Cardone's audio books and other bits and pieces who's titles I don't remember.

I think my script is really poor. But because I have zero experience it's hard for me to know what the issue is.

If any of you experienced sellers can throw me a bone you'd be doing me a fantastic favor.
I've attached my script and a list of objections with answers. All bolded parts are what the client might say.

Even a suggestion on books I should read or programs I should watch would be appreciated.

Regardless, I'm not giving up on this. I believe in this product.
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    Sometimes its hard to wear ALL of the hats! Maybe you need to advertise for Reps and cut a deal with them. Offer them percentages of sales, I really don't understand the payment side of what you are doing, but I do believe you have a great product but need to get a sales team working for you.
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    You have to show the dog walkers HOW your product will bring them more business.

    When you can make that connection for them - they'll buy.

    You don't need great selling skills or a great script, IF you can show them the money.

    Solve the "more customers" problem and you'll have a winner.

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    If you read Spin Selling you will remember that problem questions are more likely to lead to a sale in small ticket offers, from what i have read in that book get them talking about their problem and make that problem big enough to the point where they will want to take action on what you are offering....

    Reread Spin Selling

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    Great that you called and got some feedback.

    {I read Ron's post after writing this one, and you'll see how it echoes and expands on what he said.} I think a "My name is Callan, and I help dogwalking companies get and keep more customers" starter will do better than a technical "show up and throw up." The beginning in the current script assumes a few things that the listener probably isn't ready to hear and react to just yet.

    A company in my area uses a similar app for customers to see when their dog was walked.

    In talking to the owner of this company a year or so ago (she wanted a TV commercial made), we discovered her margins were pretty thin. Especially when she subbed out to a worker bee dogwalker. She had diamond dreams but a wafer-thin budget. For us, it wasn't a fit.

    Same possibility for you, which means while they're interested in the technical part of it, they don't get how this will make & keep them more money. It's too early to be talking technical at the time the current script is doing it. The How is something for you to get to later.

    Currently, they hear you saying you have this technical thing, and that's cool, but then their mind goes to the fact that they're not making a ton of profit, which makes them hear this, "And you don't have the extra money for that" warning. Of course, they don't pass that feedback along to you because it is embarrassing.

    But if you can begin by talking about getting new and retaining current customers, so each client has a larger lifetime customer value, you'll be likely to get more, "Wait, how do you do that?" responses.

    Again, the answer is not to rush into a technical discussion of GPS and android apps (they may not even know what that is. Seriously.)

    You have some great pain points here:

    1 > Some clients have been burned by walkers who said they took the dog out but actually just drove the pack around in the van, and then dropped them off home again

    2 > walkers' business margins are thin so any claim that you can get them more new customers and more money per customer should be greeted with enthusiasm

    3 > client retention and loyalty is pretty low, but can be earned and locked in--especially on the higher end, ie. doctors, lawyers, dentists and the like who work all day and leave poor Rover...a valued member of the FAMILY and possibly viewed as their CHILD...alone at home, and feel tremendously guilty about it. These folks can easily afford high ticket walking services, and want to. If you can give these people a loyalty reason and a quick way to check the work was done, that's a huge differentiating factor. From the dog walker side, this is a chance to go upscale and make more profit.

    You shouldn't really have objections when this is done right, but the fear-based one I talked about above could be popping up because they think it's going to be expensive. After all, what does a dog walker know about app development?

    So, Ms. Dogwalker Biz Owner...

    You want more customers and to keep more of your current customers rather than losing them to price-cutting competition? (Yes)

    You want to get more higher-end customers like doctors and lawyers, who are working all day and can easily afford to pay more, but need to know you're actually doing the work? (Yes)

    OK, NOW you can qualify by technology.

    Keep in mind that many dog walking business owners are not pros. I've talked to many who got into the business because they thought it would be easy--only to find they were in isolated rural areas, and potential customers were too few and far between to make anything sustainable out of it. Happens more often than you might think.

    This means you're dealing with a nervous, cash-poor, blue collar technician-minded owner most of the time. Not a professional, trained, white collar owner who understands things like growth, cash flow, ROI. Adjust the language accordingly.

    IMO SPIN Selling isn't the right approach for this one. A more transactional approach will likely work better.

    I also doubt your price supports a sales team.
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      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      This means you're dealing with a nervous, cash-poor, blue collar technician-minded owner most of the time. Not a professional, trained, white collar owner who understands things like growth, cash flow, ROI. Adjust the language accordingly.
      It is so funny that this post is around today.

      I had a young...maybe 17 but looked 14 girl approach my business a few days ago asking to put a flyer with a tear-off number tag along the bottom to the front of my retail store.

      After looking her up and down I thought "she looks determined" so I said I would put it up for her.

      We then taped it to a lower part of my front door beneath some either brochure holders.

      She was price focussed.

      Couldn't stop telling me how she charged less than $10 an hour and if you had three dogs that was a big saving over the competition.

      Here's the thing...

      She told me of her continuous knock backs.

      Yet there is a HUGE pet store about 150 yards away from my store and I'm sure with the right approach they could possibly refer her a few clients.

      I should take a photo of her flyer and post it here because for most they wouldn't even know what she was promoting.

      She's only a kid and perhaps I should call her and gift her a flyer that might work....anyway about 6 days in since putting on the they called her and didn't remove the response device. (unlikely)

      I didn't read the OP's promo but from the discussion thus far I could say it would be a good selling point to offer for a dog walker.

      I think TRUST would be the primary factor when selecting a person to walk a member of your family so to some degree the dog tracking app could either add to the tract factor or subtract from it given that the scammers who might offer the solution would just drive the trackers around or drive them with trackers attached.

      The relationship aspect is going to be the most important area to focus on.

      Kind regards,

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    Here is the flyer...

    I love the line...."Have you got a little escape artist?"

    Today when I took the photo one response tag was missing.

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      Thanks, Ozi.

      I'm a sucker for any kind of entrepreneurial enthusiasm coming from young people.
      It's precious and needs to be nurtured. Thanks for doing your part.

      Just to add a bit to the thinking here, what other services might the dog walker provide to upscale pet owners, who also take their pet to the vet regularly, and have them insured?

      Perhaps they need daily meds. What about pet massages? Grooming? Shuttling to and from vet's office?

      Just throwing some things into the mix that could raise the per client ticket and give the dog walker a more professional approach and appearance.

      In fact, the OP may want to focus on those who already offer more than just the walking service.
      They'll be the ones most interested in the benefits your product provides.

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  • He, Ozi, I appreciate this naive splash of vivid.

    It is cool to see some color an' verve here among the expertin' arteries of the razorsharped.

    Thing you gotta figure is from whenceo the enthuso cometh.

    I got a Fitbit, an' I am steppin' out, chillin' on gamification of my deedola cos' I am interested to know how many steps I take while I boogie out in my apartment between switches of knickos, an' alla my adventures out an' about in the WhereIAlreadyPersist Vista.


    I am trackin' on myself for my own warpo purposes, but I figure this is gonna go lame on me, an' mebbe I will drift back to Supermario in my undirected pursuit of shareable emojis.

    'Tis my momentary passion, sucko as it may be.

    Gotta figure an enthusiastic dog walker gonna wonder about any kinda inchpinchy approach to her deliverable zest.

    Sure, what is goin' on here with the app is mebbe some mechanism for fixin on ALLA THE CHEATERS SAY THEY GONNA WALK YOUR DOGS AN' THEN F*CKIN' DO NOT, THE LAZY B*STARDS.

    But I say this is a dim view of the world to have.

    To drill down on presumption of bad stuff in a way that impinges on the heart gonna do some good.

    You gotta suppose enthusiasm an' encourage it.

    Deny it, an' you action other verb choices.

    (I was gonna jus' leave it at 'verbs', but I figure if I throw in these parentheses, a fewaya will figure on my sense of irony there with my addition of 'choices'.)

    Bottom line: should a few takers' walks hit on evryone else's runnin'?

    Figure if I wanna go walkin' out with some family's dog, the least they owe me is a presumption of innocence, like I wanna do this 'cos I told them I wanna.

    Hey — why else would you actually wanna do stuff?

    Diss on wanna, then mebbe people don't play so good.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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