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I have in my office drawer a full pad of Purchase Order Forms. In the past I have simply printed my own order forms but thought 'can these be used'.

So can Purchase Orders be used to take orders from clients (I am a Sales Agent going into independent stores). I have done a search on the web because I am a bit lost to be honest, either I missed the difference between different order forms or I simply don't know!


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    I know you stated that you did some research on this subject but have you come across this All you ever needed to know about Purchase Orders . You may find this interesting.
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      Ok thank you. I suppose I should just use an invoice book.

      From what I read from that and other sites is because I am just the intermediary I should not be issuing a purchase number which are on the purchase order forms unless using my Principals own order forms. So I will just give them a reciept from an invoice book or basic order book.
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        Right on, best of luck
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