Client Getting: No Samples, No Clients, No Complicated Funnel..No Problem

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Whether for yourself or your client, you may find yourself
up against better known, better funded brands.

So how do you get a slice of their market?

One super effective yet rarely used method is
walk the buyer through the buying process so he/she doesn't make costly mistakes.

This relies on talking with buyers, those who have made up their mind to buy,
but not from whom.

You become the most helpful by being seen as unbiased and
more available when they need help the most.

This includes looking at the buying options they have
while very subtly showing the problems they hadn't thought of
with other options.

This is done because the buyer is going to do it anyway,
so you may as well be there to guide him/her which will speed up the process
therefore being more helpful.

You then become the buyer's only choice when done right.

No testimonials, no authority building, no samples, no demos,
just being the most helpful to a buyer when needed most.

Here's an example done for a client who had no clients, no industry training,
no samples, up against brands who had big brands for clients along with samples out the wazoo...just a reasonable amount of selling skills when talking to a prospect...

Doctor E. Vile
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    Originally Posted by ewenmack View Post

    No testimonials, no authority building, no samples, no demos,
    just being the most helpful to a buyer when needed most.
    Reminds me of a fellow Kiwi. Michael Hill who established a huge chain of jewellers....he was never a jeweller as I understand.

    I heard he changed his name by deed poll to Michael Hill Jeweller to get around that slightly inconvenient fact....maybe you can check it out but that is what I heard.....


    i heard a story about a new employee (salesman) who had no experience in selling jewellery.

    I'm not entirely sure where I heard it but I was hanging around at an event in the early 90's with a few of the old time marketers before the internet took off. Think it was at a Jay A event on the Coast when there was a rash of $14K weekend workshops.

    It took effort to get people to events in those days...well not much different to nowadays...right list... good mailing....follow up via phone etc.

    Difference today is in those days the cost to attend was eye watering and the products sold were also very premium...unlike today where they do the low cost or cover cost attendee admission and then sell from the platform.

    During one of the conversations in the bar I heard about a kid that had sold the pants off every other employee across the organisation and he had attracted the attention of management because he was obviously a "natural"...he was a superstar.

    Apparently...he had joined the organisation just a few weeks earlier and only just completed basic training.

    The first week he had on the floor he sold over $40K of engagement rings when the national average was around $2K per employee.

    This attracted the attention of the management (and the negative attention of the other LOSERS - bad sales people) and he was singled out to investigate and work out what he was doing.

    It turned out he was a bit simple but he did follow a pattern that resulted in a higher closing rate than the rest of his peers.

    Because he couldn't remember what the sales trainer had told him and because he had learning difficulties he just....

    "asked questions"

    He had no knowledge of the 3C's

    He did have an uncanny ability to emotionally bond to the purchaser.

    His ability was to join the individual on a journey of discovery when it came to helping them select the best engagement ring.

    I'm not sure how his story panned out but it changed the way I approached my clients and lead me towards a consultative approach where I joined the client on the buying journey and really became their partner along that journey.

    Good to hear from you Ewen.

    Thanks for your input as always.

    Best regards,

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