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Tomorrow is April 1st. No fooling around for many of us. Anyway this thread is for those of us who cold call to win more business. The aim is to motivate fellow cold callers by having them list their personal targets.

The rules are simple - set you monthly target number of calls you aim to make for the month and or number of leads you want to aim to generate or Decision makers you want to speak to.. The challenge is to meet your target by the end of the month - there will be a winners list. ( People who meet meet their target) There is no minimum requirement each person sets their own personal goals.

My target for April:

Speak to 100 decision makers
Make 5 sales
Nature of business: Website design

I really don't care how many calls it will take me but I need to speak to 100 DM for April and get 5 sales. So if it means me calling the same DM 5 times and chasing the lead then so be it. However, my maximum will be 100 DM and I intend to work that data of 100 businesses over and over until it's certain everything possible could be done in the month of April. (PS My data has already been researched and I have the contact names already) If I Complete my target before the end of the month, then I will start preparing my targets for May and of course take time off to do fun things.

Cold calling can be intimidating but at the same time exciting if ones making sales. I hope this thread could help those who need that bit of extra motivation and support in cold calling. I wish everyone good luck for April. Lets go them!
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    Count me in

    April Target which I'm starting tomorrow
    Call 500 numbers repeatedly in April
    Make 3 Residual income sales
    Nature of business: SEO / PPC / Website design
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    My April targets:

    Make 2000 dials
    Generate 60 leads
    Generate 5 sales
    Nature of business: SEO - PPC - Web Design
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    April: 20 person to person presentations per Tue. and Wed. mornings. Expect 10 sales from the 40 calls. This is for a co-op advertising promotion, ads sold via an "I don't care who is on it, if not you, your competitor"... just make an X over your business if not interested.

    It also has a built in repeat mechanism, once in the co-op, they will stay in, and keep paying.

    It is a simple, uncomplicated selling strategy designed to maximize results in minimum time. I plan on doing better than 25% close, but, that will be OK.

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    40 person to person appointments (goal for month)
    25 sales (goal for month)

    So far had 10 appts and 6 sales.

    Home Security,Fire and Automation system sales.
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      Is this still going strong and being an active thread?
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        Originally Posted by Kristian Ward View Post

        Is this still going strong and being an active thread?
        Considering this thread is from April and the OP has not given any updates the answer is no. Most never come back to give updates. Only one thread has recently and that has not been updated in a few weeks. It does have a lot of action, the OP might be busy. Here is the link to that thread.
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        Originally Posted by Kristian Ward View Post

        Is this still going strong and being an active thread?
        Do you have eyes and can you process information?

        Simple "pay what you want" life coaching services online.
        Get out of your own way in business. It's personal. Click Here

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    Very good post, this is something I wrote about oh 3-4 years back. You need to determine your formula for success. Ie; how many phone calls to get how many appointments/presentations to get how many sales. Once you have that down, you are golden, it also help's you troubleshoot your shortcomings in the sales process ie if you have sufficient presentations, but no sales, you need to work on closing.

    Any update OP?
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    still a terrible waste of your time though
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    Warriors...share your updates, how many appts/sales made thus far? Don't be shy
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      Originally Posted by scottgallagher View Post

      This is a cool challenge and feasible!

      Here's a tool I made that can help you meet more decision makers in a day. The tool is free, just download it to your phone.

      Is it strictly a mobile app, or, can I access a web based version? Thanks!
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