The postcard that doesn't sell

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Do all postcards have to sell? Here is one that is focused on branding.

A Look at a Great Postcard Mailer that Doesn't Sell Anything
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  • You can picture the joy on the householders face as they ponder in amazement…

    "Wow, someone is actually helping me rather than screaming "gimme your cash."

    And who are they most likely to contact when they need their leaking roof fixed?

    The good people who sent the postcard.

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    If I received a post card in my mailbox marketing something, I would highly appreciate it compared to cold calls. I might have a chance to even get in touch when I need their service.
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    Post cards and letters in the mailbox are usually personal. Bills are personal to you because you create your bills like how you create your grades in school. I think when you market through the mail, you create a better connection with a person to whom you sent it to.
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    Sending something requires effort and most people love it when they know they are worth the effort. So go ahead and mail that postcard.
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    Another good place to put postcards is in books at the book store that your prospects are likely to read. This can work well because you know they are buyers already.

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      Originally Posted by winsoar View Post

      Another good place to put postcards is in books at the book store that your prospects are likely to read. This can work well because you know they are buyers already.
      Yep. I used this one for several years, in bookstores and libraries.

      I put my card and postcard into business related books and magazines
      and that brought me calls. It also brought me a connection to a local
      business writer for a daily paper. He found my card in one of the

      Should still work today.

      Added later: Here what I did to make this idea work better.

      Come up with a nice design for a bookmark. I used one that resembled a feather. Put your contact information/offer on both sides. Also, include the word "Bookmark", large enough to be noticed, on it. (Yes, it makes a difference.)

      I found that people would take the bookmark, which was as nice as one they might pay for, and put it in their pocket. Whereas the business card might be left.

      At the time, I was targeting new businesses owners and I wanted them to keep my information. Presenting it as a bookmark rather than a business card, meant they might use it and be reminded, each time they opened the book.

      I remember receiving a couple of calls a week for the effort, which more than paid for it.

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    I would still throw it in the trash considering I don't need a new roof.

    Who in their right mind is going to post junk mail on their front door for all of eternity?
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    If my daughter opened the mailbox today, she would definitely like the idea of getting a postcard with a rare design and a nice, helpful service. I agree, this is more on helping than selling.
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    Why spend all the time and effort preparing all those postcards when you can blast email your mailing list. But then again, as mentioned above, there is quite a personal touch to receiving a postcard.
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